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On Sunday we posted Single this Valentine’s Day? Here’s how to find a date, a blog about online dating and how to put your profile out on one of the sites. It seems that not only are generations x and y looking into online dating to find their special someone, but seniors are as well! In fact, seniors are the fastest growing segment of Internet users, and more and more of them are using the Internet to look for love. In fact, according to cbsnews.com, 16 percent of all those active on the top five Internet dating sites are 55 or older. A majority of the dating sites like eHarmony, Match.com and Date.com may cater to a slightly younger crowd, so there are senior specific dating sites popping up like SilverSingles.com and SeniorsCircle.com.

Whether you’re 28 or 57, everyone needs love in their life and online dating seems to be fulfilling a need for many. So why not try your hand at online dating? You never know who you may find!

Visit Find a Date on ForRent.com’s website and set up your profile today! You may even set upa date before this Valentine’s Day!

Source: cbsnews.com

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  1. Tera Patric says:
    Hey nice site guys. Anyways thought ide suggest some dating times. 1. When on your first date alwas start as friends, that you want get hurt if things dont work. 2. Smile and be happy. 3. Listen. Girls like to share so be an open ear. 4. Have a good laugh so that the first date is remeberd.
  2. Online Dating says:
    I guess it’s no less of a dating niche market than any of the others.

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