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There comes a time when a closet makeover is undeniably necessary, and the best way to start to tame the mess is by simplifying your closet.  Simplifying simply means evaluating what you have and purging if necessary.  Don’t be overwhelmed, simplifying your closet is easier, and perhaps quicker, than you may think.

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The biggest culprit of a disorganized closet is clothes that no longer fit.  It’s tempting to keep the articles of clothing in hope of fitting back into them someday.  Given the valuable space inside your closet, it’s important to only keep the clothes that fit you at this moment.  Donate ill-fitting items to Goodwill or other charities; and when the day comes that your current clothes are too big, what better way to celebrate than with new, smaller clothes!

Get rid of the clothes you no longer like or wear (or store away seasonal clothes until next year).  Not quite sure how to figure out which items these are?  Try a clothing hanger trick; it’s simple and effective.  With all your clothes hung up, turn the hangers in your closet so they face away from you.  After you wear something, hang it back up facing the opposite direction (towards you).  After several weeks, the hangers that are still facing away from you are the items you don’t wear.

Flip Your Hangers
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To keep your closet organized and simplified, you need to prevent a slip up in the future by maintaining the tips provided.  Prevent yourself from purchasing unneeded items that will end up sitting in your closet unused.  Always keep in mind that your closet space is limited; therefore, valuable.  Maintaining these practices year round will prevent you from having to do complete overhauls like this year in and year out.

So there you have it; a simplified closet is a happy closet.  Check out the part two article, where we help you organize your newly simplified closet!


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