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ForRent.com has already shared how to simplify your closet in our Organize Your Closet: Part 1 post, now it’s time to organize the simplified space.  Having an organized closet will not only make your place more comfortable, but it is also a great way to kick start your spring cleaning duties.

Make the most of your closet space
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Here are some easy tips that will help you organize your closet.

  • Store Away Seasonal Clothes – As the cold months start winding down, find storage bins or bags to stash away your winter clothes, to make more room for your spring/summer items.  Bed risers are a great way to utilize the room under your bed to store away seasonal items.
  • Use Colorful Storage Solutions – Your closet is something you are going to be looking in everyday, so make it colorful and an enjoyable space to look at.  You can find storage racks and bins of all shapes and colors that will appeal to any taste.
  • Use All Available Space – The back of the closet door is often untouched by most people.  You can hang shoe racks from the door to store your shoes, scarves, belts and other items.  Additionally, utilize the wall space with nails or hooks to hand purses, hats or other items, which will keep them organized and free up space in your closet..
  • Use Multi-functional Items – Reuse shoe boxes or bags in your closet by storing accessories and other small items inside.  Also place smaller purses in larger bags or purses for additional space saving.
  • Have Self Discipline – Make a conscious effort to keep your closet organized once you have it set up the way you like it.  It may take a few extra minutes out of your week to place items back in their organized location, but the payoff is well worth it.

An organized closet does more for you than you might think.  Not only does it eliminate all the clutter, but it also helps to make your morning more efficient when deciding that day’s wardrobe.  Who knows, it may even influence you to organize other things in your life outside of your bedroom closet…and that’s definitely not a bad thing!


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  1. james johnson says:
    Nice simple and elegant
  2. Really great tips for organizing your closet. I know my own closet is filled to the max and I need to start organizing it but I’ve been delaying it.

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