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Most of us have more clothes and accessories than we do space. Maximizing closet space through organization is critical for small spaces. Use these guidelines when organizing small closets.


Closet Space
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  • Donate old clothes. Many of us tend to hold on to clothes that are worn out or ill fitting. Even though the tank top is cute, if it does not fit, someone else can get more wear out of it. Some second hand stores will even give you cash on the spot for stylish looks.


  • Make the most of every inch. Purchase shoe organizers that hang from the main bar in your closet. These shoe hangers allow you to store multiple pairs of shoes on top of each other without occupying a lot of space.


  • Move outside the closet. Clothes that you do not wear often can be placed under the bed or in other closets with the use of bins and under-the-bed storage containers.


  • Be sneaky with accessories. Jewelry can be placed on hooks mounted to the side of your closet. Sunglasses can be kept in a purse that is not in use. Old shoe boxes can be stacked and can hold seasonal items like umbrellas, gloves, scarves and caps.


  • Color code your clothes. Arrange clothes according to color, or according to length. Knowing where to locate an article of clothing based on these arrangements will save time.


  • Maintenance is key. Keeping your closet space organized with daily maintenance will ensure a clean and organized closet for seasons to come.


Closet Org
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Closet organization can seem like a daunting task, but once your closet space is maximized, your clothes will fit comfortably. You might even discover old clothes you thought you lost!


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