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In apartment living, many of us are faced with limited storage. “Junk drawers” often find their way into our kitchens and offices, filled with odds and ends that we can’t seem to find a home for elsewhere. Here are some tips for organizing junk drawers and keeping your clutter under control.


Drawer Organization
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  • Rid drawer of unused items: This is the first step in organization of the junk drawer. How many items do not have a use? Throw out expired coupons, old letters, old invitations and trash. If some letters or goods have sentimental appeal, store in a shoebox in a closet, or in an envelope designated for cherished items.


  • Control cords: Bind up extension cords, cables to electronics and old cell phone chargers. Keep rubber bands handy to ensure the cords stay neat.


  • Sort items in the drawer: Keep office supplies in one corner, hardware or home improvement tools in another area and other items separate from those. Having quadrants of where your items should go will help you keep it organized.


  • Multitask other containers: Use Rubbermaid or Glad containers as space makers and fill them with pens or paper clips. Ice cube trays can be used to store small items. Empty pill bottles can hold sharp objects such as push pins or staples.


Stationery drawers
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  • Upkeep your junk drawer: Once your junk drawer is clean, keeping up with the flow of traffic and cleanliness of the drawer is critical. Keeping the junk drawer clean will eliminate having to completely clean it out and reorganize it again.


Keep these tips in mind when trying to tackle your junk drawer. Organized drawers will bring peace of mind. This strategy can be used all around the house and in other areas of clutter to bring organization and cleanliness to your whole apartment. Happy organizing!



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