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Temperatures are starting to warm, and Spring Break is inching closer and closer. No matter where you’re headed, especially if it’s by car, you won’t want to overlook the much-needed snacks! Crunchies and munchies keep idle hands busy, hold hunger pangs between rest stops at bay, and can even make road tripping a little more fun. However, buying food on the road can add up fast; by planning ahead, you can snack on some yummy and healthy foods while keeping your travel buddies happy along the way!

Stock Up on Pre-Packaged Snacks!

These days, anything can be bought in nicely packaged, pre-portioned packs. If you’re short on time or just want to keep things easy, load up on a variety of snacks the whole car will love.

For the kids, pick snacks that are as mess-free and easy to eat as possible. Avoid foods that require utensils (fruit cups), produce endless crumbs (crumbly crackers) or result in cheesy or sticky fingers (chocolate, cheese curls).

If you’re traveling with teens or adults, large bags of nuts, chips or candy can be passed around the car without too much trouble. However, stocking up on more nutritious items like protein bars and trail mixes will satisfy even the hungriest of passengers and curb endless munching!

Other good pre-packaged snacks:

  • Granola and cereal bars
  • Small boxes of cereal
  • Squeeze fruits
  • Fruit snacks and roll-ups
  • Snack packs (goldfish, cookies, nuts, pretzels, veggie sticks)
  • Trail mix
  • Dried fruit
  • Fresh fruit – apples, grapes, plums and oranges
  • String and mini cheeses
  • Mini hard meats
  • Snack-sized packets of candy

Consider making each person a personal goodie bag filled with their own snacks. Our favorite family approach is to load everything into a bin that can be passed around when hunger strikes. It’s easy to get items out without having to open lids, boxes or coolers. Just be sure to place the open bowl in a place that won’t topple over!

Make Your Own Snack Packs!

Buying pre-packaged snacks is quick and easy, but you pay for that convenience. Save money and customize what everyone’s eating by making your own snack packs. Stock up on small, disposable plastic containers with good lids, and then get creative with food combos. Don’t know where to start? Check out these simple and satisfying ideas!

Breakfast Trail Mix

If everyone has to be in the car well before dawn, pack some homemade breakfast trail mix that passengers can eat once they’re awake! Combine a few favorite cereals with nuts and dried fruit. Here, we used Cheerios, granola, dried cherries and pecans.

Load the trail mix into small containers and close tightly. Hand out the cereal with individual containers of milk or yogurt and spoons. Passengers can eat it like a bowl of cereal or munch on it like trail mix!

Peanut Butter Combos

Provided there are no nut allergies in the car, consider packing a bunch of these peanut butter packs. Not only is peanut butter nutritious and satisfying, it can be combined with a variety of foods to suit each passenger’s tastes!

Load your favorite snacks on the bottom of the cup and then place the peanut butter cup on top. When it’s snack time, open the peanut butter and get dipping!

Salty and Sweet

Not all snacks have to be healthy. Make long trips more fun by including everyone’s favorite sweets. Consider pre-portioning the candy to keep sugar rushes down and the candy from running out too fast. Our family’s favorite combination is pretzels with peanut M&Ms!

Other good DIY snack combinations:

  • Crackers with sliced cheese or cheese sticks
  • Sliced hard meats (salami and pepperoni)
  • Hummus with crackers, veggie sticks or pita chips
  • Peanut butter with crackers, pretzels, carrots or celery
  • Homemade trail mix
  • Homemade cereal or granola

Smart Sipping

Making sure everyone has a drink for the duration of a trip can sometimes be the trickiest part of packing the cooler. One of the easiest and cheapest solutions is to get each passenger their own water bottle that can be filled for free at rest stop water fountains. If passengers want flavor, bring along a variety of flavored powder packets or drops.

If you want to avoid constant bathroom breaks, especially with kids, consider giving out pre-portioned drinks. Also bring along extra straws to help kids drink easier and more mess-free while buckled into car seats!

Don’t Forget …

When packing for a road trip, include these must-have items to keep snacking hassle- and mess-free:

  • Trash bags (for all those snack pack wrappers and empty juice boxes!)
  • Cooler packs
  • Ziplock bags (for half-eaten snacks)
  • Hand sanitizer and wet wipes

With some prior planning, you can pull together a snack smorgasbord that will keep all your car companions happy! For more travel and vacation strategies, check out our travel saving tips, as well as our ideas for traveling with kids and pets!

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