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No need to feel overwhelmed by the fact that the holidays somehow threw up all over your home; I have compiled a list to help you pack away your holiday décor like a pro, and allow you the freedom of starting your New Year off with a ‘clean’ slate.

The tree: If you have a tree, make sure to remove all ornaments, and pack them back into the boxes they came in, or fill a shoebox with tissue paper and place them delicately in there, tape the box shut, and then label. Remove all garland and tinsel as well, and place them in a plastic bag for future storage. Try and find a tree recycling center near you. Here is a great site with lots of wonderful recycling options.

Left over boxes and bags: Fold down and flatten gift boxes and bags that you have received this past holiday season, and pack them away with your decorations. This will be helpful come next year, when you are searching for boxes and bags to place your new treasures in. Not only is reusing gift boxes and bags helpful for the environment, it is also helpful to your bank account.

Pack similar decorations together: It sounds simple enough, but mixing decorations up into separate boxes can prove to become a huge headache come the following year. That is a frustration that you do not need, and you certainly do not want when kicking off your holiday season. One tip: do a quick dusting of your decorations before packing them away, and next time you go to put them up, they will be as good as new!

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Donate unused decorations: No need to keep storing multitudes of unused ornaments, door signs, knick knacks, and other trimmings that have no place in your holiday celebration. Hey, you never know, your donations could be exactly what someone else has been looking for!

Big storage containers: The large Tupperware storage bins are sold relatively cheaply, and you can pack a ton of stuff in them! Not only that, but I have found that they hold up to the elements quite well, and are pretty sturdy. You can even find festive holiday colored bins, and that way you will be able to easily identify them when it comes time to pull them out of storage again.

These are a few super easy steps to follow, which don’t take up too much time and will make unpacking for next year’s holiday a breeze!

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  1. I am such a holiday driven person especially with Christmas, and I always have a hard time limiting how many decorations I get each year. I just want to put tinsel on everything. I’m also usually one of the first at the Christmas tree farm getting the biggest pine I can afford. I like your suggestion about packing similar decorations together.

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