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Paying bills can be a real downer.  But what’s even more depressing is that late fee you can get slapped with if you don’t pay them on time!  Paying the bills on time is the lesser of two evils, trust me, so I found some tips to help you remember to get those payments in!

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  1. Find a place to keep all of your bills in one place.  That way when you go to find them you always know where they are.  Think of a specific desk drawer, a special folder, or a slot that you can always relate as the “bill spot.”
  2. Set aside two times per month, two weeks apart where you can take care of your bill duties.  I usually do it at the middle and the end of the months.
  3. If necessary, call your bill companies to have the dates arranged around the times you’ve set up to pay them.
  4. Keep a calendar to mark when your bills are due and past-due.  This will help you keep to your schedule.
  5. Pay all of your bills with either a check or a money order.  Keep the check number, amount, and date written down for reference.
  6. File your receipts and records, keep them for seven years.
  7. As an extra reminder, place the envelopes with your checks or money orders in them next to your keys.  That way, when you leave the house you won’t forget to take them with you to mail immediately.

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Follow these easy steps and you won’t even dread the bills coming your way.  You will be so organized and prepared that you will say “bring on the bills!”  Okay maybe not, but at least you’ll be ready for them!

Photos by:  technopaul and mollie.hewitt on flickr.com

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  1. inmobiliaria cordoba says:
    Good tips to make the most of your money.

    Thank you very much for the information!

    Have a nice day

  2. Mike Della says:
    You’ll be ahead of the game if you implement paying your bills on time every month. People don’t realize how quickly those fees add up, especially if you’re just starting out with limited income.

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