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There aren’t too many people who enjoy the cold weather months more than the warmer months of summer. After all, when the temperature is 80 degrees and the sun stays out until the late evening, it is hard not to be appreciative of the great weather. Throw into the mix all of the outdoor activities that you can partake in during the summer months, and it’s understandable why the majority of Americans refer to the summer as their favorite season.

From swimming at the pool to barbecuing to making s’mores by the bonfire, the summer months are definitely filled with joy.

Imagine living in a place where you’d be able to accomplish all of these activities in your backyard – many apartment communities actually have all of the above listed amenities. Check out the list below to find out why living at an apartment is so amazing during the summer!

Meeting New People

When people think of summer, a pool is one of the first things that comes to mind. It’s always nice to be surrounded poolside by your family and core group of friends for some great quality time. Living at an apartment community with a pool provides you the opportunity to invite your friends and family over while also getting to meet your neighbors and build new friendships!

Whether you meet a couple that has kids the same age as yours, or you introduce yourself to a young professional who wants to try out the new local bar, an apartment community is a great place to gather to meet and mingle with new faces.

Summer Amenities

Let’s face it: the average American doesn’t have a pool, workout facility and clubhouse in their backyard. The great part of living at an apartment community is that you have all of these great amenities at your fingertips. The summer is a time where you can stay at your community all day and enjoy the outdoors. Swimming, barbecuing and the beautiful weather are just outside of your living room!

According to The Wall Street Journal, the share of housing construction as rental apartments is at the highest level in at least four decades. Coincidence? Probably not! Residents truly enjoy all of these great amenities, which is why apartments continue to become more popular.

Relaxation and Entertainment

ABC News recently reported that Americans take less vacation, work longer days, and retire later, too. When people work hard and there is time for relaxation and enjoyment, they want to take advantage of it!

At an apartment community, not only can you enjoy the inside of your home, there are plenty of activities to do on the outside. Many communities arrange activities that will relieve stress, such as yoga or workout classes. There is also the option to just unwind by reading a book by the pool. On your free days, apartments have plenty to offer.

With so many activities taking place over the summer, great memories are certainly made over this time span. Whether the memory is of laughing at the pool with friend or barbecuing with family, living at an apartment will definitely help etch those great occasions in your mind forever.


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  1. Absolutely love summer!
  2. Nice try corporate sheep, but Apartment living really sucks compared to having your own house. Especially if you have little kids. These types of communities are often hostile to families and are miserable and unsafe for children.

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