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How to Move Across Town?

Just because you’re moving across town instead of across the country doesn’t mean you can or should throw everything together at the last minute. Moving across town or to a nearby city still requires careful planning and a smart strategy.

Here are 11 tips to help you execute your short-distance move like a pro.

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1. Start early.

Close proximity means you might be able to access your new place before moving day. As soon as you get the keys, start moving items over a little bit at a time. Begin with books, your movie collection, art and seasonal items that are already packed up.

2. Spruce things up.

Early access also gives you the chance to clean your new home top to bottom before moving your belongings. If you want to paint, this is the perfect time. Get in there and get it done before you have to work around furniture and boxes.

3. Map it out.

Plan where you want everything to be in the new house, and map it out in advance. Create an inventory and label items to correspond with your map. This will help your friends, family or movers know where to place each item as they move it in.

4. Don’t skimp on packing.

Just because you’re not going far doesn’t mean you can get sloppy when it comes to packing. Use boxes and clearly label everything, including which room it belongs in. Don’t use garbage bags to pack items, as helpful friends might accidentally toss out belongings they mistake for trash.

5. Borrow a truck.

A short-distance move means you can get away without renting a big moving truck. See if you can borrow a truck or trailer for moving day. A shorter drive lets you push the limits and pack more precariously than you would for an hours-long trip on the freeway.

6. Start off right.

Greet your moving helpers with coffee and donuts, then provide plenty of water and snacks throughout the move. Taking care of the people who are helping you out will guarantee they’ll be willing to chip in next time as well.

7. Feed the troops.

Load the fridge at your new place with cold beverages and snacks. Once the truck is unpacked, order pizza or Chinese and treat everyone to a meal. The promise of a well-deserved reward will help keep your pals loading and unloading all day long without too many complaints.

8. Use cars.

Pack up everyone’s car with smaller items. This is a great way to move fragile items and eliminates the need for a bigger truck and multiple trips. Use every inch of space available and you can get your move completed in fewer trips.

9. Push on through.

It’s tempting to leave small items for later or tomorrow, especially when you’re just a short drive away, but don’t do it. Once you get everything moved to the new place, you won’t want to go back to take care of the few small things you left behind. Instead, make an extra trip while you’re already moving so you don’t have to return to your old place to move more tomorrow.

10. Postpone deliveries.

If you purchase furniture or appliances for your new home, schedule deliveries for after you’ve moved in. The same goes for installation of cable or Internet. You don’t want to add to the chaos by having everything scheduled for the same day.

11. Throw an unpacking party.

Having friends or family nearby is one of the biggest advantages of a short-distance move. Not only can you enlist their help for moving day, but an unpacking party will help you get your new apartment set up and feeling like home in record time.

Moving is exciting, and you should enjoy the thrill of going to a new place instead of letting stress take over. To make sure your short-distance move is a success, use the 11 tips we suggested above and you’ll be moved in and enjoying your place in no time.

Read on for more tips and tricks to help make your move successful.

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Jonathan is a relocation specialist who writes about all things moving, packing, and unpacking. Along with contributing to ForRent, he writes for iMove.com and Movearoo.com.


  1. Moving can be stressful, even if you’re just going a few blocks away. But short moves can be made much less greating if you take some time to plan ahead. Thank you for the post.

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