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In this election season, we have gotten to know a great deal about the presidential candidates. As can happen with TV characters when we binge-watch a show, the Washington hopefuls can feel like our friends or neighbors — after all, they do spend a lot of time in our living rooms.

But what would happen if we conducted a different kind of election? What if instead of the winner taking up residence in the White House, they would instead come to live with you in your house?

So rather than the presidential vote on November 8, we ran a survey to see which candidate would be chosen if this were a roommate competition.

Here are the results:

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The Bills

Paying the bills on time is an important part of sharing an apartment. Donald Trump was voted as the candidate who is most likely to pay bills late, with 55.1% of respondents thinking that the billionaire would be late paying his portion of the expenses. Hillary Clinton is second-most likely to be late at 30.9%, followed by Jill Stein at 7.2%. Gary Johnson was least likely to pay late, with only 6.7% of respondents choosing him.

There were clear trends based on the respondent’s age group. Younger and older respondents tended to think Donald Trump would be late with his bills, while middle-aged respondents thought Hillary Clinton would pay late. Respondents who selected Trump as the late payer broke out like this: age 18-24 at 62.7%, age 25-34 at 53.9%, age 35-44 at 39.6%, age 45-54 at 49.7%, age 55-64 at 58.1% and age 65 or older at 74.6%. Respondents who selected Hillary were as follows: age 18-24 at 25.0%, age 25-34 at 32.6%, age 35-44 at 48.8%, age 45-54 at 35.2%, age 55-64 at 24.0% and age 65 or older at 14.2%.


Borrowing Your Things

Sometimes it’s borrowing clothes or borrowing your car. And sometimes it’s “borrowing” those leftovers you were planning to eat for dinner. By a narrow margin, Hillary Clinton was selected as the roommate who is most likely to borrow things, with 36.5% of respondents naming her. Donald Trump wasn’t far behind, with 30.7% of respondents thinking he would be a borrower. Gary Johnson was selected by 17.5% of respondents and Jill Stein by 15.3%.

Responses here can also be organized by location, with many more rural residents pointing to Hillary as the roommate who is more likely to borrow things. Suburban voters leaned towards Trump. Rural voters responded as follows: Donald Trump at 16.4%, Hillary Clinton at 43.5%, Gary Johnson at 25.1% and Jill Stein at 15.0%. Suburban voters responded as follows: Donald Trump at 39.6%, Hillary Clinton at 34.1%, Gary Johnson at 10.8% and Jill Stein at 15.5%. Urban voters responded this way: Donald Trump at 31.4%, Hillary Clinton at 32.7%, Gary Johnson at 15.9% and Jill Stein at 20.0%.



Keeping the apartment tidy is a shared task between roommates, and if each roommate doesn’t pull his or her own weight, it can spark resentment or discord. The prospective roommate who is most likely to not do the dishes and generally leave a mess is Donald Trump, selected by 54.3% of respondents. Hillary Clinton was selected by 29.9%, Jill Stein by 8.3% and Gary Johnson by 7.5%.

Residents across all regions of the nation pointed to Trump as a messy roommate, with more than half of them in each geographic area selecting him. The geographic breakdown for Trump was US Midwest at 54.1%, US Northeast at 51.7%, US South at 51.1% and US West at 58.1%. The geographic breakdown for Hillary was US Midwest at 29.1%, US Northeast at 31.9%, US South at 26.9% and US West at 34.3%. The breakdown for Johnson was: US Midwest at 8.6%, US Northeast at 11.2%, US South at 6.6% and US West at 4.9%. The breakdown for Stein was US Midwest at 8.3%, US Northeast at 5.2%, US South at 15.5% and US West at 2.7%.


Uninvited Guests

Couch space is neutral territory among roommates, but its use is not always shared equally. The presidential candidate who was voted most likely to let uninvited guests crash on your couch was Donald Trump, with 36.2% of respondents. Hillary Clinton trailed just behind at 31.5%, with Gary Johnson at 19.9% and Jill Stein at 12.4%.

Similar to the responses about borrowing your things, rural residents pointed to Hillary as more likely to let uninvited guests stay over. Urban and suburban residents both leaned towards Trump. Rural respondents voted at follows: Donald Trump at 28.8%, Hillary Clinton at 44.4%, Gary Johnson at 15.7% and Jill Stein at 11.1%. Urban respondents voted as follows: Donald Trump at 36.8%, Hillary Clinton at 30.9%, Gary Johnson at 19.3% and Jill Stein at 13.0%. Suburban residents voted as follows: Donald Trump at 36.2%, Hillary Clinton at 29.2%, Gary Johnson at 21.7% and Jill Stein at 12.9%.


Loud Parties

Noisy roommates are a challenge for anyone who appreciates peace and quiet. The presidential candidate who is most likely to have loud parties and make a bunch of noise if he or she was your roommate is Donald Trump, with 57.0% of respondents naming him. Hillary was selected by 18.7% of respondents, Gary Johnson by 15.8% and Jill Stein by 8.5%.

While Hillary and Gary Johnson scored high among the wealthy, Trump scored high with most of the income brackets. The breakout for Trump is $­0-$24,999 at 71.4%, $­25,000-$49,999 at 51.0%, $­50,000-$74,999 at 60.0%, $­75,000-$99,999 at 70.0%, $­100,000-$149,999 at 70.0% and more than $150,000 at 0.0%. The breakout for Hillary is $­0-$24,999 at 11.5%, $­25,000-$49,999 at 19.0%, $­50,000-$74,999 at 20.7%, $­75,000-$99,999 at 20.0%, $­100,000-$149,999 at 10.0% and more than $150,000 at 50.0%. The breakout for Johnson is $­0-$24,999 at 7.2%, ­$25,000-$49,999 at 20.1%, $­50,000-$74,999 at 9.2%, $­75,000-$99,999 at 10.0%, $­100,000-$149,999 at 20.0% and more than $150,000 at 50.0%. The breakout for Stein is $­0-$24,999 at 10.0%, $­25,000-$49,999 at 9.9%, $­50,000-$74,999 at 10.0%, $­75,000-$99,999 at 0.0%, $­100,000-$149,999 at 0.0% and more than $150,000 at 0.0%.



The country voted for who they would like to have as a roommate, and by a narrow margin, Hillary Clinton was selected as the presidential candidate most likely to be a better roommate.  Here are the results: Hillary Clinton at 35.9%, Donald Trump at 30.1%, Gary Johnson at 20.0% and Jill Stein at 14.1%.

The results were organized by gender, with females picking Hillary as the better roommate and males choosing Trump. Female responses were 44.8% for Hillary, 23.8% for Trump, 16.8% for Johnson and 14.6% for Stein. Male responses were 26.1% for Hillary, 36.9% for Trump, 23.4% for Johnson and 13.6% for Stein.

Here are the roommate selection results in five battleground states: Ohio went to Hillary. Here’s the breakdown: Hillary Clinton at 37.5%, Donald Trump at 25.0%, Gary Johnson at 25.0% and Jill Stein at 12.5%. Pennsylvania went to Trump. Here is the breakdown: Hillary Clinton at 26.7%, Donald Trump at 40.0%, Gary Johnson at 33.3% and Jill Stein at 0.0%. Florida went to Trump. Here is the breakdown: Hillary Clinton at 15.8%, Donald Trump at 47.4%, Gary Johnson at 26.3% and Jill Stein at 10.5%. Wisconsin went to Hillary. Here is the breakdown: Hillary Clinton at 53.8%, Donald Trump at 15.4%, Gary Johnson at 7.7% and Jill Stein at 23.1%. And North Carolina went to Hillary. Here is the breakdown: Hillary Clinton at 33.3%, Donald Trump at 26.7%, Gary Johnson at 26.7% and Jill Stein at 13.3%.


Stay tuned to see which candidate will need a place to live after the nation votes for its next president. Don’t forget to get out and vote



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