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Ever wondered where your favorite princess would live today and what her apartment home would look like? So have we. So we did some research, and we have the answers.

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Rapunzel lives in Chicago, Illinois.
Her overprotective adoptive mom keeps her pretty much locked up in a one-bedroom condo at the very top of a high-rise building. At least it’s a nice condo.
She has a spacious bathroom with a huge vanity and stackable storage boxes for her copious hair products.
Since she can’t go outside, she brings the outdoors in with hanging air plants in terrariums.
Her walls are adorned with her own paintings of the sun, which she wishes she could go outside to see.
As a reminder to herself that she will one day be able to find out the source of the floating lanterns, she has paper star lanterns hanging from the ceiling. She looks at them every night before bed.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty lives in Portland, Oregon.
She shares a beautiful garden apartment with her three kindly aunts.
Her bedroom, where she spends a considerable amount of time, features a huge, comfy bed and heavy blackout curtains. The entire living room is taken up by a vast sectional couch. The walls of every room are painted in relaxing blue and purple hues, and there’s a fainting couch in the kitchen — just in case.


Cinderella resides in Brooklyn, New York.
She lives in the dingy basement apartment below the main house of her father’s beautiful brownstone. Still, she keeps it clean and pretty, and her pet birds and mice make it feel like home. Cinderella is an expert at making a home cozy.
Always the animal lover, she has framed prints from Audubon’s Birds of America hanging on the walls. Birdhouses hang from the ceiling, and tiny homemade “mouse huts” hide in the corners so her animal friends will always be comfortable.
Her closet is full of thrift store dresses she’s upcycled with DIY tips she found on Pinterest.
She makes people take their shoes off before they enter. Just make sure to take both of them with you when you leave.

Snow White

Snow White lives in Boulder, Colorado.
She shares a two-bedroom apartment with seven roommates. Despite the small quarters and high number of residents, she keeps the apartment perfectly tidy.
She’s decorated it with earthy décor, including furniture made from reclaimed wood and a dining table made out of a tree stump. She lines the walls with whimsical paintings of woodland creatures that she bought on Etsy.
She keeps a bowl of apples on the dining room table but never eats them.

Aladdin’s Princess

Aladdin’s princess lives in Beverly Hills, California, in a spacious studio apartment.
Her place is decorated lavishly with silk wall hangings, plump cushions, and lush Arabian rugs. Her walls are painted turquoise, her favorite color, with purple trim, the color of royalty.
An independent woman, she holds her feminist ideals dear and has a framed picture of Rosie the Riveter above her bed.

Frog Princess

The Frog Princess lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, in a small but cozy apartment she shares with her mom. It’s a humble existence, but she has big dreams.
Most of her home is sparsely decorated, but the kitchen is fully stocked and very impressive. It’s equipped with a huge professional range, and her most-used pans and gumbo pots hang from hooks over the stove. The walls are adorned with paintings of her favorite chefs.

Snow Queen

The Snow Queen resides in Boston, Massachusetts.
She lives in an elegant penthouse in Beacon Hill, a gorgeous upscale neighborhood. It’s impressively adorned with floor-to-ceiling windows, glittering marble, and crystal chandeliers. The color palette is all blues and whites for an icy cool feeling.
Her kitchen features a walk-in freezer, which she utilizes often.

Beauty (Beauty and the Beast)

Beauty resides in Madison, Wisconsin, and she enjoys the feeling of the college town.
She lives with her father in her suburban childhood rental home. Her bedroom in the modest two-bedroom house is filled with books, books, and more books.
She’s not concerned with her house’s appearance because she loves it for what it is. She decorates with secondhand furniture and antiques she finds for cheap at flea markets. She sees the beauty in these old items.
She keeps a single rose in a glass case on the dining room table.


Mulan lives in San Francisco, California.
She rents a room in a North Beach house of military buddies. She’s so much like one of the guys that they sometimes forget she’s a girl at all.
One wall of her room is painted with a huge map of China. The opposite wall is an extensive chalkboard, perfect for strategic planning of battles or nights out. Her pride and joy is her display cabinet full of antique weapons. Do not try to touch them. She will not be happy.
Mulan also has a lush terrarium for her pet Komodo dragon and cricket. She makes sure to keep them fed and cozy.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid lives in Tampa, Florida.
Her two roommates, who are also her best friends, generously let her decorate their three-bedroom apartment. As a result, it’s crammed full of her “treasures,” including gadgets and gizmos aplenty as well as whozits and whatzits galore.
A borderline hoarder, Ariel makes full use of the built-in trunk under her bed, copious sets of plastic storage tubs and many, many over-the-door closet organizers. If you visit, don’t ask her about her decorations unless you’re prepared to listen to her talk about them for hours on end.






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