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To have or not to have a roommate, that is the question! Here’s a list of pros and cons to consider when making your decision.

Pros for Living with a Roommate

  • You can live in a much nicer place with roommates than if you lived by yourself.
  • You gain valuable social skills by being around different people. Your social calendar may become filled with activities such as going to dinner or taking trips together.
  • The utilities and other expenses are less expensive because you’re able to divide them up.
  • It’s easier to request random favors such as checking to see if something came in the mail, catching a ride, or letting your dog out because you aren’t home.
  • You can get help with items that you may struggle with, such as homework or something that may have gone wrong with the rental.
  • Establishing long term friendships/relationships.

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Cons of Living with a Roommate

  • You might have to deal with other schedules that may interrupt your own, late at night or while at work or attending class.
  • Roommates will need to label items in the fridge to prevent eating each other’s food.
  • A chore chart might need to be established since many roommates don’t clean up after themselves (i.e dishes, taking out the trash, etc.).
  • You might have to deal with the possibility of a roommate that doesn’t pay bills on time. This can cause inconveniences to you, such as having your electricity or cable shut off.
  • Personal space can be reduced or altered in common spaces.
  • Damages to your personal belongings or property caused by a roommate or their pet.

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Choosing to room with someone is a huge decision. It is important to understand your own priorities and how this will affect your experience as well. If you decide to room with someone or are currently looking for a roommate, be sure to go through the process of evaluating whether or not you’re both roommate compatible! For more related articles, browse the Looking for Roommate Tips on ForRent.com.

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