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Everyone loves summer, right up until they get that first utility bill. The warmer weather and longer days can turn into outrageous water and electricity bills. Fortunately, there are a few ways to curb your utility bills and still enjoy your summer months.

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Go Green: One of the most efficient ways to keep your apartment cool in the summer is to keep all the windows covered. Having blinds closed or curtains drawn all day can get awfully gloomy, though. Solve that problem by investing in a few larger houseplants. Place them in front of your sunniest windows. The plants will flourish in the sun and provide cooling shade (and fresh air!) for your apartment.

Utility Bills Ceiling Fan
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Use Fans: Air conditioning is a wonderful invention, but it can cause your utility bill to skyrocket. Run floor, ceiling and window fans whenever possible to cool your home without using as much power. Be sure your ceiling fans are running the correct direction for the warmer months!

Wash at Night: You are likely to use the most power during the heat of the day. Save your loads of dishes and clothes for the cooler evening hours, when your appliances will not be competing with your air conditioner for electricity.

Put Down the Phone: I love my electronic devices as much as the next person, but summer is prime time to get outdoors. You will use less energy and have more fun if you put down the tablet or phone and take a walk around the block.

Use a Power Strip: Electronics, like TVs and laptops, are notoriously sneaky drains on your power bill. They continue to suck up energy even when you are not using them. Drive a stake through the heart of these vampires by plugging them all into a power strip. Turn the strip off when you leave the house and when you go to bed to prevent needless power use.

Utility Bills Summer Salad
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Turn Off Your Oven: When you use your oven in the summer, you are not only using gas or electricity to run it, you are heating up your place, which requires more energy to cool it back down again. Choose no-cook meals like salads or break out your outdoor grill to cook your dinner instead.

With these few simple tricks, you can slash your summer utility bills. What is your favorite summer savings tip? Let us know in the comments below.

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