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Can you tell if this tree is real or fake?


With Thanksgiving behind us, the hunt is on for the ideal Christmas tree! Along with this honored tradition is a decision to make: real or fake? In today’s society, your decision on which tree to purchase can speak loads about you as a person.


So how does one choose? Below are some facts about each to help you decide.


With a real tree you get a warm fuzzy feeling when you bundle up and go searching for the perfect one. You also guarantee the smell of pine in your home for the entire holiday season. And of course, an environmental bonus- a real tree is biodegradable. Bet you also didn’t know that more than 100,000 Americans are employed by the live Christmas tree businesses, so you’d also be supporting local economies (not overseas workers) by purchasing a real tree.


However, with an artificial tree you get to reuse the tree for many years to come, which is kind of like recycling. The endless supply of pine needles on your floor will no longer be there and you won’t have to worry about pesticides that are used on real trees! They are easy to set up and easy to store. Plus, you can always buy candles that smell like pine trees to get the full effect!


So seeing the benefits of each, which one would you choose? I can say that last year was the first year I made a purchase of an artificial tree; all the previous years I had a real tree. And it looks like I’m not the only one. Artificial trees are steadily gaining market share. About sixty percent of U.S. tree-displaying homes are putting up artificial trees! Taking a quick poll of co-workers, half have real Christmas trees and the other half have fake.


Another cool thing I read about is that San Francisco’s Department of the Environment started a neat program. For $90, the city will bring a live, 7 to 9 foot potted tree to your home for you to decorate. After Christmas, the city will retrieve it and plant it in one of San Francisco’s tree-starved neighborhoods. The downside; the city doesn’t offer pines! But despite that minor flaw, the program proved to be successful, as it sold out of its stock of 100 in just four short days!



What are your opinions? Has anything you read here changed your views?

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