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ForRent.com is the quickest and easiest resource for discovering your new apartment. Now we want to hear from you about what can be done to make your apartment search experience even better. By answering this short survey, you will be providing valuable information regarding your apartment search that will help ForRent.com continue to stay at the forefront of providing renters with their preferred search methods. Your time is valuable, so upon completion of the survey, you will be entered to win $500! Not a bad pay day for answering a few questions, right? The survey ends August 9, 2013, so be sure to enter in time! Thank you so much for your time and feedback!

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Hey, everybody! My name is Jason, and I contribute to this great blog, but when I'm not posting for ForRent.com, I like to play music with friends, cook, and travel as much as possible.



  1. Kristen Fensom says:

    It is very important to me to have quiet neighbors.

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