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On November 11th, America will celebrate Veterans Day. We will honor all men and women who have served and those currently serving our country. As a little sister of a Marine I have experienced the worry and heartache of having a family member go-off and serve our country. But I have experienced greater emotions of pride and gratitude for my brother, and all men and women who fight to protect our homeland.

In honor of Veterans Day, ForRent.com would like to encourage you to take part in a great campaign, “Return the Favor”. The VFW Foundation has formed this campaign aimed at helping active-duty soldiers, veterans, and their families. Their goal is to raise $111,000 and post 1,100 thank-you notes by the end of November. You can post your thank-you notes via text message, video, or photo. Your message will then be posted to ReturntheFavor.org for everyone to see!

If you would like to donate to the VFW Foundation, visit ReturntheFavor.org or Facebook Causes/ Return the Favor.

Further information on “Return the Favor” can also be found on the Facebook page of “Why We Celebrate”. “Why We Celebrate” began as a way to honor the military during Independence Day 2010. The organization has teamed up with VFW to help promote the “Return the Favor” campaign.

How you Can Help!

Encourage your family and friends to support the “Return the Favor” campaign. Post Facebook status updates, tweets, and promote the campaign by word-of-mouth. Below is a sample status/tweet that you can use to promote the campaign!

Sample Tweet:

RT @AptsForRent wants u 2 #ReturntheFavor 4 Veterans Day & remember #WhyWeCelebrate. Help support the @vfwfoundation http://bit.ly/95cVcp

Sample Facebook Status Update

ForRent.com honors our vets & troops! In celebration of Veterans Day, help #ReturntheFavor & remember #WhyWeCelebrate. Help the @vfwfoundation raise $111k & upload 1,100 thank you notes to http://bit.ly/azqyiC

We must show gratitude and give thanks this month for those that unselfishly dedicate their lives to protecting us. This November devote a portion of your time to giving back to those who have devoted their lives to serving you!

Source; 2010 VFW Foundation, “Return the Favor”, ReturntheFavor.org

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