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Has someone ever done something truly romantic for you in your apartment? When you got home there was a little surprise? One time I went on a family vacation w/out my boyfriend and when I got back I had a dozen roses lying on my bed strategically mapped in the shape of a heart w/a card!

Given the season of love, we’re posting ideas for little romantic gestures for your special someone. Most of them don’t require too much preparation, but some preparation will make the act that much more meaningful!

Cooking his/her favorite meal. This idea can be something elaborate such as a starting from scratch entree, sides and dessert. Or it can be something simple and intimate such as breakfast in bed. Either one will truly be appreciated & remembered!

Organize a scavenger hunt! In your apartment you can place little items for your honey to find. Sweet notes or poems, little surprise gift boxes, etc. The amount of fun you’ll have planning it and he/she will have searching for it will be remembered for years to come! And always have it end in a place where you’ll meet him/her!

Dancing! You and your sweetheart can dance the night away. This is more directed to men for women, as women would typically like this gesture more. But when she is doing something else, like cooking, just take her hand and ask for a dance. Music or not make no difference, just as long as you gaze into her eyes! (If you’re a talented singer, serenading her could be a nice touch!)

Make a soothing & relaxing bath! This tip is also more directed to men for women, as women would typically like this gesture more. However, that’s not to say that some men wouldn’t! When he/she gets home from work, have rose petals leading to the bathroom in your apartment. Candles already lit and peaceful music (or whatever kind of music he/she would prefer) playing. This little gesture will be greatly appreciated as most people don’t take the time to pamper themselves-even when they REALLY need it!!

Make a picnic in front of the fireplace in your apartment! So you have this awesome amenity in your apartment-a fireplace. Ever used it? Why not make a romantic evening centered around it? Have a blanket laid out in front, a warm fire going, and food that you’ll both enjoy. After dinning, cuddle up next to one another!

Movie night! Whatever kind of movie your sweetie is into, be sure and rent (or purchase) several in the genre. Even go as far as preparing ‘normal’ movie theater food. Such as popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, candy, soda, etc. Have the lights off and enjoy ‘snacking’ while watching his/her favorite flicks! (A big factor in your sweetie enjoying this is if you don’t complain about his/her movie preferences!)

What romantic gestures have someone done for you? Did a room in your apartment get a total makeover? Let us know! Sharing ideas with us will help someone else this Valentine’s Day!!


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