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As renters, we are always seeking multi-purpose pieces and space-saving ideas.  One trend we can get behind is multi-purpose technology systems, such as gaming consoles. Gaming consoles are becoming more a part of your lifestyle beyond just playing video games.  The features offered now fully integrate with your apartment lifestyle through fitness apps, social media access, DVD player, streaming services for movies and television series, viewing pictures, music and more. With all of these services on the gaming console, such as PlayStation and Xbox, you’re saving space by eliminating the need for a DVD player and/or cable box.

Save Space Buy a Gaming Console
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Additionally, these consoles allow you to buy video games and movies on the actual console through Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, versus having the game/movie take up space in your place. Think of all the space saved with DVD and video game boxes out of your crowded apartment!

Another interesting factoid? We’ve heard that the new Wii-U system will allow you to bring the console with you wherever you go inside your apartment. Imagine, you can now move room to room with the new Wii-U console without missing a beat!

The newer systems are striving to have a place in your home outside of the typical video games. And given their multi-purpose functionalities, they allow for space saving opportunities in your place. Will you be making one of these purchases soon?

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