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If you’re looking to experience a little spook this Halloween, why not try a local festival or haunted house? In Virginia Beach, Virginia we are lucky enough to have the Hunt Club which has plenty of Halloween spookiness for all.

First up is the haunted hayride.  You and your closest friends can load up on a huge trailer full of hay stacks being pulled by a tractor. Without giving too much away, you are pulled through many stations that have bloodied up characters just waiting to pounce on you.

Next up is the village of the dead.  You are lead by a guide to walk through an entire village of ghosts and goblins. The reenactment scenes are goose bump worthy and will surely have you looking over your shoulder.

Finally there’s my personal favorite, the field of screams.  You and your group are lead through an entire field of tall grass and nothing by complete darkness. In every corner is someone lurking to scare you. They are trained well to pick out those that will shrill the most. Whatever you do, don’t look frightened (easy to say, right?). And if you have awesome friends that like to scream your name, the gory staff won’t let you forget it. They’ll taunt you over and over again. It was enough for me that I ran up to a group in front of us and grabbed someone (who I thought was my b/f). Scared and embarrassed what a wonderful combo!

If you’re looking for some great Halloween experiences, check out your local listings.  Its bound to be a great time. Happy Halloween!

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