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How do I know if an apartment has Section 8 housing for low-income people already living there? How do I know if there are roaches or bugs (bed) in the building or my new apartment?

1. As to whether there are Section 8 or other government-assisted residents at the community, there is no way for you to know that, as that is not something that a landlord would share.  You can call the community and ask if Section 8 is accepted at the community but if so, that will not tell you whether there are current Section 8 recipients.


2. As to the bed bug issue, the best advice is for you to check your State and local laws regarding bed bugs in apartments.  Some States such as Arizona, California, Florida, Nebraska and New Hampshire do have such laws; many other States do not.  A resource you may wish to check is the National Conference of State Legislatures’ website and their  NCSL Environmental Health Legislation Database.


-Nadeen Green, For Rent Media Solutions’ Sr. Counsel


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