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According to a new research study by Clarity and The EAR Foundation, one of the biggest fears for senior citizens is the loss of independence. This fear even outweighs the fear of death for most!

This study produced some key statistics for seniors. For example, “the vast majority of seniors (89%) want to age in place or grow older without having to move from their homes.” 1 And because they are so determined to maintain that independence, half of them are open to using new technologies to help them do so.

Clarity president, Carsten Trads says “….Independent living is a key determinant of quality of life for seniors….” Therefore this shows that not only do older American’s value their ability to live independently, but they will also try any means to enable them, i.e. technology.1

This study also showed that almost half of seniors are comfortable using personal computers, Internet and email. “Seniors are clearly more open to technology than many people believe,” commented Trads. 1

So in essence seniors are willing and able to be independent, and are open to using technology to help them attain that independence.

Here at For Rent Media Solutions, we are committed to providing resources that make apartment hunting for seniors uncomplicated. After 55 Housing and Resource Guide, a For Rent Media Solutions publication, worked in collaboration with the AARP Foundation to create Exploring Life After 55, an annual supplemental publication geared towards adults age 55 and beyond. This new publication serves as an education resource, addressing subject matter important to baby boomers that are planning their retirement, and aging adults and adult children who are researching housing options for their parents. The first issue covers a variety of topics including: an assisted living and health check list, a description of housing and care options, estate planning basics, how to guard against identity theft and so much more! Exploring Life After 55 will be published once a year and distributed to AARP Foundation offices nationwide as well as to local industry events and senior centers.

In addition to Exploring Life After55 and After 55 Housing and Resource Guide, For Rent Media Solutions offers online resources at SeniorOutlook.com. Resources include: moving services, storage, Medicare and Medicaid information and more. SeniorOutlook.com also helps our consumers navigate through the website by providing ‘How to Use SeniorOutlook.com’ instructions to help make the process easier.

We at For Rent Media Solutions strive to improve the process of apartment hunting for all apartment seekers, After 55 or not. Your independence and peace of mind is important to us. Please let us know if you have any suggestions as to how we can improve our services.



Source: Research Brief: Seniors Want to “Age in Place,” and Want Technology to Help; Thursday, November 8th, 2007.

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