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Every so often a new social media outlet is introduced and slowly, but surely, users increase and it is adopted into everyday life.  Most recently it was Instagram, before that Twitter, Facebook and the list goes on and on.  The new up and comer is an app called Vine.  Currently, Vine is only available for iPhone/iOS users (much like Instagram was in the beginning.)  Vine allows you to piece together a 6 second video directly, and only, from within the app itself.  Whether you want to take the entire 6 seconds in one shot, or several shots in a fraction of a second each, is completely up to you.  After you have finished, it then loops that video for you over and over again so you can share a part of your day with family and friends.

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This allows you to celebrate life in new and fun ways.  Vine lets you use social networking like you are accustomed, but still taps into a new experience that can really get the creative juices flowing.  Sharing special moments with family and friends just got even better.  It’s more than just a traditional picture, and a lot less time consuming than shooting an entire video.  It allows you to capture what really matters in the moment, and invites all of your friends and family to experience it with you.  Capture your favorite DIY projects for your apartment, or share a recipe with a friend.  Use your 6 seconds however you would like.

After you record these short clips, it gets posted onto the Vine wall.  In addition, much like a Twitter feed, you are able to ‘like’ and comment on videos that have been posted.  Recently, Facebook and Twitter both announced integration with the Vine app.  After you take your video and write your description with all of your necessary hash tags, you will also have the option of uploading the video directly to your Facebook and Twitter feeds.  ForRent.com is very excited to take part in the growth of this new application.  Take a look at Vine and come follow our page AptsForRent.

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