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From Black Friday, to Cyber Monday, the Thanksgiving weekend is one of the biggest shopping events of the year. Not only are there great deals to be found, but the weekend kicks off the holiday season.

The question of which day you should shop is more complicated than it seems. There are a number of factors, such as your shopping style, what you want to risk, and what you’re buying.

By comparing Black Friday with Cyber Monday, we’ll help you decide which day you should shop.

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It depends on your shopping style

Deciding between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is, at least in part, a personal preference. Whereas Black Friday has in-store mania and crowds, Cyber Monday shopping is easily done while lounging in your apartment.

Your personal shopping style will help you decide which is best, but we know that 20% of people shop on Black Friday not for the sales — they shop just because they love the madness.

On the other hand, shopping from home on Cyber Monday is so convenient that 34% of people shop for their partner/spouse while they are sleeping next to them in bed. And if you’re at home clicking your way to savings while also simultaneously hooked on a Netflix series, you’re not alone — 59% shop while they’re binge-watching TV.

It depends on what you want to risk

In comparing Black Friday to Cyber Monday, there are some risks to each approach.

For Black Friday shoppers, the biggest risk is injury. The rushing crowds are not a joke, and since 2006, there have been 105 injuries and 10 deaths that have occurred while shopping.

For Cyber Monday shoppers, the biggest risk is sold-out deals. In 2014, there was a 400% increase of “out of stock” messages on Cyber Monday, which means many people missed out on the deals that they were hoping to score.

It depends on what you’re buying

Choosing which day to shop will also depend in part on what products you want to buy.

The best deals on Black Friday are electronics, kitchen appliances, headphones, toys, and tools.

The best deals on Cyber Monday are laptops, clothes, beauty products, Android smartphones, and travel.

Or shop on Thanksgiving Day for the best deals on TVs, shoes, cameras, iPhones, speakers, and tablets.

More Spending Happens on Black Friday

Whether the shopping venue is online or in stores, Black Friday has dominated the weekend as the day when the most money is spent. In the last year reported, Black Friday has more than 22 times more spending than Cyber Monday.


Consumer Spending (In Billions)
Black Friday Cyber Monday
2005 $26
2006 $34.4 $0.6
2007 $34.6 $0.7
2008 $41 $0.8
2009 $41.2 $0.9
2010 $45 $1.3
2011 $52.4 $1.3
2012 $59.1 $1.98
2013 $57.4 $2.29
2014 $50.9 $2.65
2015 $67.6 $2.98


But whenever you shop, there’s a lot happening online. Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday were nearly tied in online sales with Black Friday just 3% less than Cyber Monday in 2016.



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