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While Valentine’s Day is often thought of for couples, it provides an excellent time for singles to meet new friends. And Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to test the waters. Did you know that over two thirds of all singles try online dating? It’s a social scene that’s gradually getting more and more attention. You probably know someone who is on a dating site! I myself know a guy who met his wife online. They are happily married now for over three years! So if you see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity for love why not ‘test the waters’ with something new?

Here are a few tips to make your online dating process that much more successful!
1) Visit ForRent.com’s Relocation Center! On there you’ll see ‘Find a Date’ link. Then you’ll be brought to a page that will take you to a dating site.
2) Be sure to take time and complete your profile. This includes a picture! A majority of searchers won’t be as interested in you if they can’t see what you look like. In the description don’t go too personal, but write things about yourself, what kind of person you are looking for, interests, etc. This will help find someone with common interests as you.
3) Try not to be over eager. It is an Internet world where people check their email and myspace page 2 and 3 times a day, but that doesn’t mean that you should bombard others with constant messages. It’s not only intrusive, but it also gets a bit annoying. Give and take space!
4) Don’t just try one method. You may remember that movie with Diane Lane, ‘Must Love Dogs’. In the movie Diane Lane’s character, Sarah Nolan, was told by Dolly, Stockard Channing’s character, that she must venture into other Internet sites! You’ve got to explore all your options! So don’t limit yourself to online dating, continue going out and meeting people elsewhere too!
5) Have fun! Dating can be fun, if you let it. You get to meet all sorts of new and exciting people and have a good time! So don’t look at it as an opportunity to land ‘Mr. Right’, but rather an opportunity to enjoy being you!


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