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Several months ago, I decided to make a big move. I packed my bags and left my small town in Central Pennsylvania for the big city of Pittsburgh. Although I knew a few things about the ‘Burgh from visiting over the years, moving here has given me a whole new world to explore.

Since relocating, I’ve been diligent about experiencing everything the city and its neighborhoods have to offer. If you’re about to move into an apartment in a new city, then you’re in luck.

Today I’m sharing six ways to help you learn more about your new location.

Read Local Papers and Guides

This might seem a bit obvious, but pick up a few guides, magazines, and papers from your city. (Coffee shops and locally owned stores are great places to find them.) I’ve tended to use the internet when searching for things to do, but recently I’ve found printed guides to be even more helpful. They’re sort of one-stop shops for upcoming events, local restaurants, entertainment, etc.

Attend Festivals, Markets, and Events

Now that you know what’s happening (thanks to your local guides), it’s time to get out and do some of those things. During the past few months, I’ve attended 2 or 3 events every week. If you live in a large city, there’s probably a farmers market every day of the week. See what’s near you or in an unexplored area of your city. A farmers market is a great place to buy fresh produce (and other goodies) and meet people. On the weekends, check out any events or festivals. Even if you’re not 100% interested in something, go anyway. Chances are you can grab a meal there and you might also stumble upon a “hidden treasure”.

Get a Bike

Cities across the country are becoming more bike-friendly. Not only does this cut down on motorized vehicle traffic, but it’s a fun way to buzz about. You can quickly get to a specific location or explore a new area. Plus, when you need a break from the city, take your bike off road. If buying a bike is not in your budget, look for rental or bike-sharing options.

Go for a Walk

In case biking doesn’t appeal to you, simply go for a walk. Walking for 30 minutes a day allows you to get to know your neighborhood and grab a little exercise at the same time. If you are walking, take a different path each day so you can see and experience more.

Bonus tip: Join a Gym, Take a Fitness Class, or Join a Walking/Running Group

If you struggle with self-motivation and need something more formal, join a gym or fitness class. While this isn’t necessarily a way to explore the city, it’s a great way to meet people and work up a sweat. Want to stay outside? Look for a running or walking club that you can join. You’ll get to explore your city and meet interesting folks with whom you have something in common.

Art Hunt

I recently started watching a television show in which one of the characters needed a hobby and decided to visit all of her city’s art museums in alphabetical order. I thought this was genius. What an easy, stress-free way to see and experience the work of all types of creatives. Along the way, you’ll get to go to different parts of your city, grab lunch at new places, and gain a little education in art.


Whether you have a bit of spare time to fill or want to give back to your new community, find a place to volunteer. Pick an activity that you enjoy. It could be working with animals at a shelter, helping at-risk youth, or providing meals for folks in need. Not only will this service boost your spirits and overall happiness, but you’ll discover more about your city as you meet other kind people like you.

I hope you found these suggestions helpful. Welcome to your new apartment and city! What other ideas do you have for exploring the locale you’re now calling home? Check out the ForRent.com blog for more savvy ideas for your new place.

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