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Colorado is the outdoorsman’s Nirvana, lush with beautiful weather, snow-topped mountains, and nature trails untouched by the industrial grind of modern society. But trying to find a vacation hotspot that hits all the must-have points —cost effective, beautiful, fun for the whole family, and unique enough to make the trip memorable— is a tall order.

To help you out, we’ve compiled the best destinations for skiing, biking, and hiking to ensure you get the best out of your Denver adventure.


You’ll have to venture a few miles outside of Denver to a small but absolutely iconic town, tucked right in the heart of the national forests. The locals will call it a short car-ride, but city slickers might call eighty miles a little more than that. Once you’ve settled into little Breckenridge, an old mining community that’s hit its stride as the go-to alpine getaway, you can explore the beautiful hiking trails that take you through the river area and thick forests. If you’re more excited to hit the slopes, then venture upwards to the Breckenridge Ski Resort, where the snow is always perfect for the millions that visit every year.

Steamboat Springs

Get ready for beautiful flower fields and delightfully overgrown forests in the summer, where you can venture a little out of the town to experience Colorado nature as if man never touched it. The ski town of Steamboat Springs is best known for its winter activities, with impressive downwards slopes to challenge any professional, and enough history to make the trip fun for the whole family. It holds a title as one of the oldest ski resorts ever founded in America and retains that western charm; a walk to the market will mean passing cowboy hats and glitzy boots by the hundreds. Check out the hot springs, get some shopping done, or stay on the slopes until the sun drops —you won’t run out of things to do here.

Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain is fit for a postcard during the summer months, with beautiful pines reaching up its face and miles upon miles of scenic hiking areas. It’s best known for its diverse terrain, making it a one-stop shop for all your summer and winter outdoor fun —which is why many resorts and little towns call it their own. You can test your courage in the rougher areas, keeping the professional hikers and bikers busy, or have more casual fun with the family on tamed trails. But when winter comes —Copper Mountain transforms into one of the most popular skiing destinations in the entire state. Professional snowboarders and skiers take on the expert level slopes, and even if you’re not into outdoor activities, don’t worry. The beautiful shopping districts of the little towns are at your fingertips.

Deer Creek Canyon

For the athletic types who want a little challenge along with a beautiful view, Deer Creek Canyon is a fan favorite for Denver locals. Sitting at moderate difficulty, you’ll get some solid exercise as you explore the terrain that shows off the most unique nature the region has to offer. The winding trails are well kept, so you can bring along your more inexperienced friends, but the idea was to keep the adventure while keeping it safe. You’ll still get a few challenges and some untouched views to enjoy along the way.



Lookout Mountain

The Lookout Mountain biking trail begins at Coors Brewing Company’s front door – which is helpful to first-time tourists who are still learning the layout of the city. As you ride the full 12 miles, you’ll enjoy a steady incline that takes you up the mountain itself, granting you excellent views of the city, the surrounding nature, and you may even spot some wildlife along the way. It finishes off at 1,627 feet at a picturesque resting stop high on the mountain, where you can catch your breath and enjoy the Denver view. For beginners, it’s a great way to learn the ropes without taking baby steps, and for experts, it’s a fantastic day trip your Denver bucket-list needs.

Whether you want to hit the snow at high speeds, enjoy the balmier weather on a scenic hike, or get those tires rolling through dense foliage, these top locales will give you the best blend of outdoor fun and beautiful views when it comes to the Denver area. If you like what you see and can’t get enough, check out this City Guide for Denver Apartments to get you started on making a vacation hotspot your new home.

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