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Welcome to the lovely (and terrifying) world of adulting. It’s a strange place compared to your high school days where your mom and dad were there to take care of your every need (SOS take me back.) You’re now in a world where you basically need to start depending on yourself solely and figure out how to, you guessed it, be an actual adult.

Now that’s you’ve reached this weird world of becoming an adult, those little things you do that seem like a small accomplishment now feel like a really, really big deal. Boom. Mark another thing off your to-do list.

Fixing yourself dinner that wasn’t previously frozen. You. Are. Thriving.

Getting all your dirty laundry washed, folded, AND put away.

Getting up early enough to make yourself an actual breakfast before work. It’s the most important meal, ya know?

Cleaning your room AND the living room AND —wait for it— the kitchen, too. You are on fire, my friend.

Scheduling your own doctor and dentist appointments. This is some next level stuff so if you’re on this level, I applaud you.

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