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Kitchen organization ideas are something I’m always searching for. Whatever size the kitchen is in your home, I am sure you wish you had more storage space or a better system for organization. Try some of our tips and get your kitchen organized while saving space at the same time!

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Utilizing the counter space in your kitchen will allow you to free up some of that precious cabinet space. As long as you do it correctly, the storage can be pretty as well as functional. Here we added some of our dry goods to mason jars on the counter. You can use jars, canisters and more, but this will allow you to store things like oatmeal or flour in plain sight.

kitchen organization ideas

This same idea works wonders for a variety of items you may store in your kitchen. You can also try dropping all of those containers onto a lazy susan. This will allow you to take advantage of those corners in your kitchen and maximize that space while still staying organized and keeping everything within reach. You can also utilize a lazy susan inside your cabinets for organization. See this idea and five other things every small kitchen needs here.

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Another area often overlooked for organizing your kitchen is the back of doors. Utilize this space as hanging storage for a variety of items. You can free up more space in your cabinets and keep everything within reach when opening those cabinet doors.

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Inside the cabinets, think about utilizing additional shelving and even small baskets and bins. Keeping like items together in a bin will help you put everything back exactly where it goes. Here we corralled the cleaning supplies into a crate for easy use and storage. You can do this same thing with spices, oils, baking supplies and so much more.

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Not enough cabinet space? No problem! Think about other items you can pull into the kitchen for additional storage. Carts on wheels or makeshift islands are perfect for additional counter space in the kitchen, as well as storage on shelves, in baskets and more. Think about items that may be in other rooms of your home and how you can repurpose them for use in the kitchen. Think outside the box for your kitchen organization ideas and you will have a more organized space in no time at all!

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