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It’s time for another spot the difference contest! Check out these 2 photos below and see if you can find the 10 differences. One lucky winner will be randomly selected to win a $25 gift card!

Comment below with the 10 differences you found. We will be hiding all of the answers/comments until midnight EDT on Monday, July 21, 2013 so that everyone has an opportunity to play. Once the winner is announced on Tuesday the 22nd we will show all of the comments and answers. Good luck!

Spot the Difference_1137
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  1. The pillows are yellow in one and red in the other
  2. Oh and there is no pillow on the white chair in one and then ther eis a red pillow in the other on the white chair
  3. Kimberley says:
    1. 2nd ceiling lamp is missing in 2nd pic.
    2. Yellow pillow on 1st pic is Coral pillow in 2nd pic.
    3. No pillow on white chair in 1st pic. Coral pillow on 2nd.
    4. Palm tree has brown planter, while it is blue in 2nd.
    5. Swivel chair has headrest in 1st pic, while it doesn’t in 2nd.
    6. Wood side table has flower arrangement on it in the 2nd pic.
    7. Magazine on coffee table has black square on 1st pic, blue on 2nd.
    8. 1st pic does not have wood table against wall, while the 2nd pic does.
    9. 1st pic has 2nd tv on wall, while 2nd pic does not.
    10. 1st pic does not show area rug in left corner, while 2nd pic does.
  4. Michelle Washburn says:
    Missing hanging lamp fixture left corner, difference in magazine color on coffee table, yellow instead of orange throe pillow, left white chair missing headrest, lighter colored shade on the left side, TV missing, pillow on white chair on the left,ottoman on the right side, decorative flowers on end table, blue vase instead of brown with palm tree in it
  5. Lynn Black says you guys should pick me!

    1. Ball light fixture missing
    2. Yellow to Red pillow on couch
    3. New red pillow in chair on left
    4. Black to blue book on coffee table
    5. Flower on end table
    6. Piece of end table on right side of the screen
    7. Black flower pot turns turquoise
    8. Missing TV by the pool table
    9. Missing head rest on white chair by coffee table
    10. New piece of carpet in bottom left corner

  6. Ashley Allard says:
    1) little pillow on the couch is yellow in the first one red in the second one
    2) there are flowers on the tiny wooden end table by the chairs in the second one.
    3) The potted plant has a blue pot in the second one
    4) There’s a red pillow in the tan chair by the potted plant in the second one
    5) the book on the table is blue in the second one
    6) There’s a tv on the little pillar wall by the window in the first one but not in the second one
    7) There’s no headrest on the left chair in the center of the image in the second one
    8) There’s a second bulb style chandelier by the window in the second one
    9) There’s another end table randomly placed at the right of the image in the second one
    10) there’s another carpet or piece of different flooring on the bottom right corner of the second one
  7. 1. hanging lamp on the left
    2. planters are different colors
    3. no flowers in planter by brown chair
    4. pillow on settee different colors
    5. papers on table have different colors
    6. pink pillow on white chair
    7. no planter in far right corner
    8. no picture on wall in far left corner
    9. part of floor different in near left corner, front
    10. no headrest on white chair under chandelier
  8. [1]chandelier is missing,[2] coral pillow is missing, [3]vase is different color.[4] flowers by the front chair missing [5] night stand or table added to right side of picture [6] picture on the glass table changes [7] pillow on couch is a different color [8] picture in the back is gone [9] rug in the bottom left hand corner [10]head rest on one of the chairs.
  9. Michelle L says:
    1. Photo 2 has flowers on the table net to the black chards, missing in photo 1.

    2. Photo 2 has a pink pillow on the white armchair (center-left), missing in photo 1.

    3. Pillow on sofa is yellow in photo 1, red in photo 2.

    4. Photo 2 shows part of an end table behind soft, missing in photo 1.

    5. Item on coffee table is black in photo1, blue in photo 2.

    6. Photo 2 has a second ceiling light (upper-left), missing in photo 1.

    7. Photo 1 has a TV in the sitting area armoire (center-left), missing in photo 2.

    8. Palm tree pot is brown in photo 1, blue in photo 2.

    9. White armchair on left side of end table (center) is missing the head cushion in photo 2.

    10. Bottom left corner is different – photo 1 looks like flooring, photo 2 looks like a rug/carpet.

  10. I cannot see my answer here, I had also posted 10 difference.

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