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     This Sunday marks the first day of spring (finally)!  We all know what that means…Spring Cleaning!  It’s not that exciting…I know.  In order to make sure you have all of your gear prepared, it is a good idea to separate your cleaning items into separate containers or small caddies.  This will make it easier for you all year round. =)

 Container 1– The necessities.  These are the supplies that you always use.  This way, you can easily get to your favorites. =)

 Container 2 – The sporadic items.  These supplies are the ones that you only use once in awhile.  By putting them in a different container, you can keep them out of the way of your regulars.

 Container 3 – The not so favorites.  Get rid of the unnecessary clutter underneath your kitchen sink.  We’re all guilty of having the almost finished bottle of cleaner or the one that you hate to use, because it doesn’t work well.  Well then it’s time to use it or trash it!  No sense in it taking up valuable room!

 Happy Spring Cleaning (I’m still trying to make it more exciting than it is)!


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  1. It’s been spring time down here since late January! Ah, I love Florida. We just did some spring cleaning on our place and it was much needed.

    Thanks for the tips guys!

  2. I always feel so GREAT after a good Spring Cleaning! That is of course, after I am done dealing with the allergies brought on by stirring up the dust!

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