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This week Tim Eyre, of Extra Space Storage, has supplied us with several creative storage ideas for your home!

Living Room/Office

The key to keeping your apartment clean is to avoid surface build-up in the common area, and for that, hinged lids are an apartment dweller’s best friends. Utilize a trunk or tray-topped storage ottoman as a coffee table and tuck away blankets, reading material, remotes, and the like. Engage further hinge help by installing a wall-mounted folding desk that doesn’t eat up floor space and can be closed when not in use. Use a bulletin board or glued-on clothespins to affix paperwork to the underside of the desk so that when it’s shut, the unit blends with the room.

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For a drawer-filled “furniture” piece, group a series of two-drawer filing cabinets side-by-side (paint and change the hardware to suit your tastes) to form a television stand, buffet, credenza, or sofa table. And speaking of the sofa, rather than a futon (which can be quite versatile but usually screams ‘struggling college grad’) opt for a daybed, which makes a cushy sofa with tons of throw pillows but easily becomes a guest bed when needed.

Tim Eyre works in the self storage industry, regularly traveling to see locations like San Jose storage facility. In many locations, like the storage units yard in San Diego, Tim helps his customers store seasonal equipment when it is not being used for outdoor activities or home improvement projects.

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