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ForRent.com and Homes.com present the newest renter survey. Are you looking for a place that allows pets? What kind of amenities do you find most important? Is distance to and from certain locations a major factor in your final decision? What kind of renter are YOU? Take the Renter Survey and share your insight!

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Hi, all! I'm Maggie, the Assistant Manager of Public Relations and Events here at For Rent. I'm part of an awesome team of fun, creative people that love to get together and think up new ideas and solutions for the multifamily industry. Here at ForRent.com, I write and edit A LOT! Other things I love: reading, Netflix, rain storms, Thai food, beach days with friends and the Georgia Bulldogs.



  1. Carol Marquez says:
    Like a big kitchen. Because disable can’t move can’t reach around with your wheelchair do any thing went getting in shower it’s very hard I wish fine a better place I pay rent 1050’thata alot 4 months did not have heat to keep warm just came in April to fix origination or cooler get cool in house just hard to move because want a big deposits down if I win I will but down on moving cousts and move nicest place my friends said her can get better for what you have now and be very happy I don’t have hanicapthings for this house 5years been here landlord don’t want to anything my dream is rent to own that’s only I can buy house for my family grandkids Vanessa Faith Dave Richie Carol thanks you for helping me out for better house for handicap person like me have room to move around be happy

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