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Over the years we have seen technology transform lives. Long gone are the days where cell phones are the latest trends; now it’s which Smartphone and/or tablet are you packing?

We are also noticing that technology is transforming stereotypes of what it can do for us.  Social media gives us the ability to connect with family and friends by providing a community in the online world, and gaming consoles are striving to have a place inside your home outside of just video games.

Technology Offers Cost Savings Opportunities
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These technological advancements also amaze us in their cost-saving opportunities for you.

Case in point 1: Streaming services. Reduce entertainment expenses like cable or going out to the movie theaters by using game consoles with streaming entertainment services like Netflix and Hulu. Depending on what package you sign up for, you can spend as little has $6-$20 per month versus $60+ on cable! Depending on your streaming service, you can stream movies and television series on your gaming console, home computer or mobile device and/or order 1-2 DVDs to be shipped to your place. According to the NYTimes, you can get Amazon’s streaming-movie service free with the purchase of an Amazon Prime membership — $79 a year. (That comes out to $6.58 a month, although you can’t actually pay monthly.) And to keep your entertainment experience top notch, many of these services have HD capability.

Case in Point 2: Home phone-what’s that? About half of Americans have Smartphones, according to a study by consulting firm Deloitte; therefore, the landline in your rental is quickly becoming obsolete. Save costs (roughly $15-$30 depending on provider) by using your cell phone instead of a home phone; make the majority of your telephone calls during unlimited use times (for some providers that is after 9pm). Skype is also a service that allows you to talk to others over the Internet; if you have a web cam, Skype allows you video chat.

Case in Point 3: Advanced home security options. In a recent article published on Homes.com, 7 advancements in home security they share that protecting your home or apartment is easier than ever! Mobile apps designed to help you monitor your apartment’s safety, and at-home security systems that synch up with leaky faucets to help you avoid too much damage to your personal belongings help you save money and keep you safe! Be sure to check with your property Management Company or landlord regarding any services that hook up to their property.

There you have it, a few upcoming technology enhancements that help you save some dough. The technologies we just mentioned allow you to save roughly $780+ annually and we’re sure there are many more opportunities! How do you save money using technology? Share in the comment section below.

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