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     We all load the dishwasher with dishes, but do you throw in your sneakers, toys and hats along with them?  I didn’t, until I found out that there are several things you can put in your dishwasher!  It is a great way to sanitize items.  Here is a list of unthinkable items that are dishwasher safe:


-Shoes- Any shoe that wouldn’t normally be damaged by water, like tennis shoes or flip flops

-Combs- Hair brushes and accessories are safe as long as they’re not too small and don’t have a lot of decoration on them

-Plastic toys

-Cup holders

-Kitchen brushes

-Stove knobs

-Soap dishes

-Refrigerator shelves

-Makeup brushes

-Sporting equipment

-Trashcan lids

     A lot of the small things can be put right into the cutlery tray.  Don’t be afraid to use your dishwasher in creative ways.  Have fun experimenting!


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  1. I found this post very informative and interesting. I haven’t really thought of our dishwasher that way, but thanks for these suggestions. I will definitely try them out.

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