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The holidays are over, and you’re left with bags, tissue paper and bows littering your apartment! What should you do with all of the mess?


Recycling is an important aspect of apartment living, as it reduces waste and can save money. A little organization, and you can reuse all of the bags and tissue from holidays, birthdays and other celebrations.


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  • Using a large gift bag as a holder, fold down the smaller gift bags you have and store them in the larger one. This larger gift bag can easily be stored in a closet or other small area. Medium or large gift bags, depending on the quanity of your leftovers, can be used to store bows and tissue paper.


  • To store tissue paper, flatten the used paper, and cut off any torn ends. Fold the paper neatly. Now you can store your tissue paper to use for another occasion.


  • Try organizing leftover goods by color or holiday. Separating Christmas bags from birthday party bags, or having blue products separated from red will help in quicker wrapping for the future.


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Accumulating all of the old gift bags, tissue paper and bows from old holidays to be reused to bag new gifts is an easy way to be environmentally friendly and thrifty at the same time! Once a few holidays have passed, you will have acquired a wide variety of bags for easy color coordinating and wrapping.



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