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Remember when you had a dial up internet connection and then one of your friends got this new thing called “cable” internet and it was the most amazing thing you had ever seen? How could it possibly be so fast? Why doesn’t it make ridiculous sounds while it tries to connect? It seems like a million years ago that we had to wait for slow internet connections; however, there are still areas with faster and more reliable speeds that could boost your productivity. It all depends on what exactly you are looking for out of your internet experience.

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Charlotte, North Carolina has some of the fastest download rates in the nation. The average download rate is 10Mbps which is well above the national average. While apartment hunting in Charlotte, you’ll have 6 internet providers to choose from (some of which have download speeds as high as 100mbps)! Whether you are a business professional, full time student or simply surfing the internet, if download speeds are important to you, then Charlotte, North Carolina has got you covered.

In most areas, a “cable” internet connection can be bundled with your cable TV package, as well. In most cases, bundling your 2 services will save you some serious cash. Plus, you’ll only have to pay one bill a month instead of keeping up with 2 separate payments. Of the 6 major internet providers in Las Vegas, Nevada, 3 of them have the option of bundling cable TV service with your internet service, allowing you to pick and choose which service best fits your needs. Save yourself some money and check out the bundling options in your area to see what is offered.

If you are a business owner, or run your own website, you know how important upload speeds can be. Without solid upload times, your business or online store could crash and burn during high internet traffic times, causing people to look elsewhere for their services and needs. If upload speeds are important to you, look no further than New York City. Of the 5 major internet providers in the city, some allow upload speeds of up to 25Mbps with a fiber optic connection which means you will have a constant, steady upload speed no matter how many other people near your home or online. It will be a dedicated network just for you, and that could be a huge boost to your business.

For even more information on these featured cities and their internet options, visit the ForRent.com tips page. So how are your internet speeds stacking up, is it time for a move?

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  1. Israel Rodriguez says:
    Un alquiler de apartamento en lagartee Luiciana desde $25:00 a 350, una habitación . Por favor envíeme detalles en español de los requisitos . Gracias
    • Lea Erbskorn says:

      Hola Israel! Gracias por sus comentarios. Estamos encantados de ayudarle con su búsqueda. Que ciudad en (Louisiana) está buscando un apartamento? Esto ayudará a nuestra búsqueda. Gracias!

  2. Eileen OBrien says:
    I’m looking for a 3 bedroom apt or house. I would rather a house pet friendly. I enjoy people I am from a big family. My and my husband to be love to have family dinners on Sunday. And enjoys having out friends over. No we do not party to all hours of the night. Not are we big drinkers. We have a love able 10 year old pit bul lab mix. Honestly the most lovable dog you will ever met
    • Lea Erbskorn says:

      Hi Eileen! We are happy to help with your search. Which state/city are you looking for apartment or house? This will help with our search. Thanks!

      • Michelle Wilson says:
        Hi I’m Michelle Wilson and I’m looking for a 3 bed room house or a 2 bed room apartment specious and nice cute kitchen cause I love to cook and invite family over for quiet evenings over can u find me a nice place in Forth Worth Tx.
        Tx.area please my number is 817-779-2209 Michelle
        • Hello Michelle, thank you for your inquiry. The link provided will give you our complete list of 2 bedroom apartments available for rent in Fort Worth, Texas. Happy Apartment Hunting!

  3. You forgot every city with Google Fiber in it! With fiber optic speeds of up to 1000mbps (that’s a Gigabit folks) and the ability to bundle TV with it at those high speeds for only $120/month NO CONTRACT (or $70/mo for just the net), any city with Google Fiber is a no brainer! Some of those cities include Provo, UT, Kansas City, MO, and Austin, TX.
    • Hi Wess! You are correct… this article was written before Fiber was widely available. We will definitely update this article. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. Sandi Zerns says:
    Hi, my husband, myself and my daughter are all disabled. I’m really looking for a two bedroom apartment that is pet friendly. We have a blue healer who weighs about 30lbs.
    I’m looking for a place where my husband will not have to mow the lawn or shovel snow. He’s 48 years old and has congestive heart failure. My daughter had cerebral palsy as well as a heart condition that I passed on to her. I can’t do steps. I’m really having a hard time finding a place that we can share together. I’m in Michigan and looking for a place in west Michigan. We live in grand rapids right now but I think we need a change of scenery like maybe south west lower Michigan. Can anyone help me with this? I have not had to hunt for an apartment in 22 years. I’m lost!
  5. Stephanie Knowles says:
    I’m looking for a 3 or 4 bedroom apartments or house to rent in broward county, FL first floor only
    • Hi, Stephanie! What specific cities in Broward County are you interested in? Fort Lauderdale? Pompano Beach? Let us know and we will be happy to perform a search for you.

      The ForRent.com Team

  6. Minerva Hernández says:
    Hola estoy buscando un departamento para mi y mi esposo en west palm beach fl me encantaría que fuera en la okeechoobee gracias
  7. Verónica Ortiz says:
    Hola ando buscando un estudio o un apartamento de renta aki en richmond ca. Gracias
  8. Medelina Mosquera says:
    Hola estamos buscando una casa en madison tenesseee de tres cuartos y 2 o 3 baños k no se muy cara ,estamos dispuestos a pagar entre 900 a 1000 dolar ,nos puede ayudar mi correo

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