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The biggest headline in the sports world this week is the NFL Lockout.  Beer and hot dog vendors let out a sigh of relief that was heard across America, when they heard that the NFL Lockout had finally come to an end.  Earlier this week the NFL Owners and the NFL Player’s Association (NFLPA) came to an understanding and settled on the Brady v. NFL antitrust case.  So what does this mean?



This means that the owners have agreed to upcoming season terms and conditions.  Preseason will start Thursday, August 11th and will last 4 weeks.  Owners and teams are scrambling to sign free agents and make deals before the end of the week. So football fans will be seeing a lot of deals and negotiations between the players and owners in the near future.



Kevin Mawae, President of the NFLPA provided this statement: “This has been a long road for everyone involved. While it is not yet over, the diligence demonstrated by active and former players speaks volumes to their dedication to reaching a fair deal. This settlement is an essential component to what will be a long-term agreement benefitting players, owners and fans.”—NFLLockout.com



Of course this pretty much tells us nothing.  Since the owners and players are still in the process of negotiations, fans are still going to be left in the dark with comments such as these.  But no worries, soon we will all know the full details of this settlement.  In the meantime, dust off your terrible towels, cheesehats, and team jerseys because football is back.



Sources: BusinessInsider.com; ESPN.go.com; NFLLockout.com

Picture Courtesy of: Amber Heckler


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