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You’ve heard us mention before about our text messaging product, right?  It’s quite simple really; property managers include a unique keyword in their print advertisements listed in For Rent Magazine. The curious apartment seeker sends a text message with the property’s unique keyword to the short code 47368 (4RENT). Within seconds the apartment seeker receives a text message with information about the property. Property managers can also use the service to send customized messages promoting specials to potential renters, as well as important messages and alerts to their current residents. All sounds a bit technical doesn’t it? Well, here’s a story that will really break down the actual events that occur with our text messaging product.

Recently our Vice President, Brock MacLean, was in a meeting with a regional VP at ConAm. This woman noted prior to the beginning of his presentation how much she has embraced the ability to not speak with anybody directly. She loved to text, used Facebook and generally shut herself off from direct communication; therefore, she was quite intrigued by our mobile marketing efforts and how we were driving online conversions from offline actions. To that end, she picked up our local publication and thumbed through to one of her ads. There was a text icon and she immediately picked up her Blackberry to try out the service. She was already impressed with the customized text responses she received about her community when her cell phone rang. A leasing agent from her community had called as a follow-up from the text inquiry! “Needless to say, it re-enforced our media solution offering and further proved the value of our print publication capturing prospects in an interactive environment,” noted MacLean.

This story just illustrates the remarkable follow-up our text messaging product has providing consumers with up-to-date information about apartment communities they are interested in. For Rent Media SolutionsTM continues to do our utmost to offer the most innovative and relevant technological advances in the multifamily industry.

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