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Whether you can’t afford the rent or don’t like living alone, roommates are a pretty unavoidable part of life. Rooming with friends can be harder than living with a stranger, so keep that in mind before you bunk with your best friend. But it’s also important that you have a similar lifestyle as your roommate to ensure that your schedules don’t clash. There are plenty of things to keep in consideration when looking for a roommate, as well as when you’re living with them. So here are a few rules of roommate etiquette to ensure that you and the person you live with maintain a respectful and amicable relationship.

Wash The Dishes

With busy schedules and barely enough time to eat, let alone clean up, it can be tempting to leave dirty dishes in the sink. But bowls and cups can pile up quickly and that’s the last thing a roommate wants to see. So be considerate a keep your dishes clean

Don’t Touch Their Food

It might be tempting to sneak a slice of bread or sip of juice here and there, but after a while you come off like a mooch.

Keep The Noise Down

Whether you’re blasting music from your stereo, hanging out with bae, or getting ready early in the morning, just keep the noise down.

Clean Common Areas

Maybe you’re okay with clothes and containers on the floor, but keep the clutter confined to your room. Make a conscious effort to keep common areas; the kitchen, living room and bathroom, clean.

Communication Is Key

If there’s anything you should do when living with a roommate, it’s communicate. Passive aggressive comments and notes written in all caps don’t work.

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