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Our flying cars have yet to materialize, but some aspects of life enjoyed by the Jetsons are well within our grasp. They key is a Wi-Fi network with a strong signal. With Wi-Fi and the right apps and devices, you’ll be able to monitor everything from ambiance to the expiration date on your milk from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

While you don’t have to set up a router to create a wireless network, your most reliable connectivity choice is a Wireless-N router or adapter with backwards compatibility for older devices. With supporting speeds up to 300Mb, you’ll be able to control all your devices without delays or freezes.

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Entertainment Center
For most of us, technology means entertainment. Must-have techie devices include Smart TVs with one-touch access to sports, on-demand shows and movies, games, social networking platforms, and more. Hook up a Wi-Fi stereo and speakers to boost your sound quality and get the most from your system. Listen to music via Bluetooth, Apple Airplay®, and AptX® technologies and stream audio from your smartphone, computer, Mp3 player, or TV.

Don’t forget a great set of wireless headphones in case your neighbors start pounding on the floor. You’ll get a range of about 300 feet, so you won’t miss a beat while fixing a snack or catching some rays out on the balcony.

You may want to consider setting up a media server – a computer, laptop, or mini computer loaded with all your music, movies, videos, and photos for convenient access. A media server software like Plex or XBMC will help you organize and store all your files


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Setting the mood
Smart LEDs give you total control of your mood lighting from any room in your apartment…or from anywhere in the world. Connect to your lighting system to control power, brightness, and even color from your mobile device. Turn lights on and off when you’re on vacation, dim the lights for a romantic dinner, or set an alarm to gradually raise the lights to wake you up in the morning. The bulbs fit standard light fixtures, so you won’t have to replace every fixture in the apartment or do any complicated installations. The two major products on the market today are Phillips® Hue and LIFX, a crowdfunded project that got started on Kickstarter.

Automating everything
Using Belkin® WeMo™ Switch, you can control all sorts of devices that aren’t Wi-Fi enabled on their own. Choose a motion sensor device and turn on lights or heat when you enter the apartment, or use an app to time your heat or air to come on before you get home, making your personal space perfectly cozy for your arrival. Forget to turn off the oven? If it plugs in, you can control it from wherever you are. No need to turn back and find out it was off all along.

We may not be at the point where a mechanical maid does all the household chores, but with all the ways we can control everything in our smart apartments, Rosie doesn’t seem that farfetched.

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