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While there are certain things that might have been cute and endearing in your 20s, like posters without frames or novelty shot glasses, sometimes you just have to let go. As you mature, your living space should reflect that, so that means getting rid of things that you’ve outgrown or no longer need. Here are a fews things that you really should throw out at 30.


Plastic Cups

While plastic cups might be durable and have charming logos, they’re not very adult. Toss out all of your tinted and textured plastic drinkware and upgrade to real glassware.


Wire Hangers

Yes, getting free hangers every time you go to the dry cleaners seems great in theory, but you’re just accumulating a collection of crappy hangers that don’t do your clothes any justice.



Keep the ones that really inspired you or that you plan on reading again, but you’re probably safe donating the Twilight series. Just saying.



Getting rid of gifts can be a struggle, you’re torn between wanting nothing to do with the item, and the guilt of hurting the person who gave it to you. Unless it’s a very memorable gift, chances are they’ll never ask you about it, so you should be okay to get rid of it.


Over the Door Mirror

Practical, yes. Pretty, not really. While having a mirror attached to your door is a great space saver, you deserve to see yourself in style! Look for a large mirror that you can lean against the wall or something that hangs flush.



Throwing out clothes should be an annual practice, if you haven’t worn it in over a year or it doesn’t really work with anything else in your wardrobe, it’s time to say goodbye. Donate it to a clothing drive and give yourself a good excuse to go shopping!

Old Magazines and Newspapers

So there was a very captivating article in that one issue of the Times, and hey you might decide to get crafty one day and start collaging. But you really don’t need stacks of paper lying around and taking up space.


Junk Drawer

We’re all guilty of this one, and there’s only one solution. Close your eyes and dump all of it out. We promise you won’t miss the dried out markers or stray paper clips.


Old Electronics

This one is kind of tough because for a long period of time people didn’t really know what to do with their old tech. But turns out you can sell or recycle it now, so you can finally get rid of that dusty MP3 player.


Beauty Products

This one goes without saying, but all makeup has an expiration date and should be promptly thrown away for hygienic reasons. What we tend to forget about is the various body lotions and hair products that we never really liked or used. If it’s not a part of your regular routine or used for special occasions, you don’t need it.

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