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Your pets – the loves of your life. Your reason to live. The reason you get up in the morning. Am I taking this too far? No, not far enough.

Pets are too good for this world – it’s true, what did we do to deserve them? Because of all the love people have for their pets, there’s no denying that we all do some pretty weird things with them.

For starters, when you get home from work, you more than likely greet your pet with some weird name that you would NEVER call your friends. “Hi little babies!! Hello my wittle chickies!!” If you’re talking to your roommates that way, just know I still respect you.

You probably let your pets go to the bathroom with you. You probably also talk to them while getting your business done in there. It’s not weird. You keep doing you.

Sometimes your pet just doesn’t want to love you. But that doesn’t stop you. You shut your bedroom door and hold them against you so that they can’t leave. If you do that with people, we need to have a chat because, well, you’ve gotta stop that.

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