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I had to make them. I had to. They were beautiful and called to me.

They went by the name  ‘Mini Caramel Apple Cheesecakes’ or, as I liked to refer to them, ‘Heaven on Earth.’ My rendition of these teeny, fabulous morsels were not nearly as gorgeous as the Pinterest version, but they were delicious and I loved them not unlike a mother loves her first born.

Pinterest is a great tool for new recipe encouragement or affordable DIY tips, but perhaps my favorite Pinterest board is the “Quotes” pinboard.

Sometimes the quotes are attributed to an author.

Sometimes they stand alone.


Ninety-nine percent of these quotes are empowering, encouraging and if nothing else, inspiring.

While I have made it abundantly clear I love a good dessert, Pinterest has so much more to offer than that. It’s the perfect avenue for inspiring others and, I think in most cases, it’s being used in a positive light.

They are currently running a campaign calling on all users including brands, non-profits and pinners to participate in ’30 Days of Pinspiration”. The task at hand is simple: pin what inspires you.

At ForRent.com you can find our 30 Days of Pinspiration through-out our Winter Holidays board.



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