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One of the comments I hear the most from those visiting or considering a move to Dallas is about the traffic and distance from destination to destination. Whether you’re working in the heart of downtown Dallas or on the outskirts, it’s important to be mindful of these things throughout the metroplex. Our roads may seem a little intimidating at first, but once you get to know your way around and the systems, it becomes so much easier and you will eventually be commuting like a pro! Here are some tips for commuters in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex:

Check Traffic and Leave Early

With new smartphone technologies and apps, checking traffic is a lot easier than it used to be. Use your calendar to not only keep up with your schedule but to alert you of any traffic especially during rush hour and remind you to leave home early enough to be on time to the office. Dallas is constantly improving its roads and accidents occasionally occur, so it’s very helpful to be alert.

Use the Public Transportation Systems

Don’t be intimidated by the public transportation system! It can be very convenient for those who do not own a vehicle, want to save their gas or money on parking. Dallas’ public transportation system is called DART, or Dallas Area Rapid Transit. There are several transportation options and accommodations via DART, but two very popular methods are by bus or rail. If you work downtown, parking can get expensive per day, so many will either take the bus or park their vehicle at their nearest rail station and catch the train from there for a much smaller fee. There are a total of 64 stations, so you’re sure to find one near you!

If you live in Denton, there is a DART green line connection at the Trinity Mills Station through Denton County Transportation Authority or DCTA.

If you live in Fort Worth, the rail service between Dallas is the Trinity Railway Express or TRE.

Plan your trip to help ensure that you arrive at your final destination on time. You will want to account for the time it takes to get to your nearest station, wait for the train, connect (if necessary) and walk to your destination.

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Keep Parking Fees and Times In Mind

Parking, especially near the downtown area, costs money. If your building does not offer parking, then you may need to seek other options.

Lots are simple to park in. Typically, there is a machine where you enter the number of the spot you have parked in and pay the current rate via cash or credit/debit card. You will receive a ticket, but don’t forget to place it on your dashboard to avoid getting towed or fined.

Meters are located in front of buildings and usually require parallel parking. Input coins (quarters, dimes, nickels) to purchase time on the meter. Each currency equates to a specific amount of time. Luckily, for those who do not carry coins, there is an app to pay for time on most meters via credit/debit card. You can even keep up with your running time, opt-in for alerts before time expires, and pay for additional minutes.

Valet is perfect if you’re attending an event. Check to see if valet is offered. In some instances, it may be offered complimentary to event attendees. Otherwise, valet is typically between $7-15 not including a tip. If you have valuable belongings in your car or are worried about safety, this is a great option.

Garage parking is also available downtown. Similar to lot parking, you will take a ticket upon entry at the gate; however, you usually do not need to display the ticket on the dashboard. Instead, you keep the ticket in your possession and pay upon exit depending on the amount of time you’ve been parked.

Consider Alternative Options

For further distances: If you live near or within the route of your co-workers or friends, try carpooling to save money on parking. It’s best to do this with reliable and punctual individuals that you can count on to get to your destination on time. DART also has a vanpool option.

For shorter distances: Uber or Lyft to work! Just download either one of the apps and book your ride when you’re ready to leave. I recommend this for shorter distances rather than longer ones.

Or hop on a bike and get active with the local2 Garland-based company, VBikes! The bright yellow bikes we found were located at Klyde Warren Park, but when you download the app, you can find more convenient locations. Simply use the app to pay for and unlock a bike and make your way to your destination!

Whether you’re coming from a nearby neighborhood or a suburb on the outskirts, incorporate these tips into your daily commuting routine! If your commute ends up stalling you, remember you’re never far from one of Dallas’ best coffee spots ready to help you wait out the rush.

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