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With the holidays right around the corner, we’re graced with beautiful lights, delicious food and  spending time with friends and family.

Holidays can be beautiful but sometimes they can also bring out the funny, the unlikely and sometimes the down-right crazy. We’ve pulled together some of the more, ahem, eclectic things we’ve seen this holiday season.

For the biggest Star Wars fan on your list, I give you the Chewbacca Christmas album. You’re welcome.

Zazzle has over 1,300 holiday themed dog t-shirts and clothing. Who knew there was such a large untapped market for dogs in holiday shirts? Also, yes mustaches may be a fading trend but we couldn’t resist when we saw it paired with Santa’s hat.


This puts Mommy vans with the Rudolph nose on the bumper to shame.


Speaking of modes of transportation, your present might be late this year.


This isn’t really bizarre but it sure is cute!


We hope you enjoyed some of the funnier things we’ve seen on the web this holiday season.  Have you seen anything recently that has given a chuckle? Share in comments!


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