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When moving into a new apartment there is always that question, “What do I need to buy?” You can’t spend too much because you just paid your down payment and your list of needs is long.

 Although you want to stay within budget, there are some things that are splurge-worthy.

 Instead of that expensive TV, find yourself an inexpensive one and get a reliable laptop instead. You will use a laptop a lot more for work or school. Bonus? You can always watch movies on it.

 What about furniture? You need some place to sit. Instead of buying a whole bunch of chairs,

how about a considering a futon? Not only can you use it as a couch, but if a friend or family
member sleeps over it can be turned into a bed.

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Buying an alarm clock is important, but if you have an alarm on your phone, it is not a necessity.
Hold off on a fancy bedside alarm until you have extra cash, and save the money for next
month’s rent.

Are you a big coffee drinker? Get a coffee maker! Without a coffee maker you will find yourself
spending more money at places like Starbucks than you would if you had just bought a coffee
machine for home.

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Some items you don’t need to splurge on are kitchen appliances. As long as you have the basics
you will be fine. Make sure to have an oven, microwave, fridge and pots/pans. Buy plastic plates
and utensils at the Dollar Store. Those are things you can always upgrade when you have the
money, but don’t need to invest in right away.

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