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When you are planning a move, a lot of factors come into play.  The new location, however, should be at the top of that list.  We all know the phrase, “location, location, location”, but it is absolutely true.  Choosing the right city could very well determine if you fall in love with your new space or not.

Which City is Best to Live In?
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People may argue that “their” city is the best, but what really makes a city the “best” to live in?  Bloomberg Newsweek highlighted the Top 50 cities across the U.S. based on criteria such as infrastructure, education, economic factors and crime. ForRent.com has highlighted four cities and created an infographic to show which major city is best to live in.  However, these cities offer more than just statistics and numbers.  Let’s take a look at all 4 cities and really see what they have to offer.

Raleigh, NC:

Are you looking to experience some of that famous southern hospitality?  In Raleigh, you can get the best of the south, without having to give up the city life.  If you love food, North Carolina is famous for their barbecue and Raleigh is right in the middle of all of it.  Are you a college basketball fan?  North Carolina boasts some of the top college basketball teams in the nation, and they are all based right outside of Raleigh.  A fun, entertaining, and nice, area; what more could you ask for? Check out these apartments for rent in Raleigh, NC.

Scottsdale, AZ:

If you are looking to kick the cold, you may have found your match in Scottsdale.  With over 300 days of sunshine each year, it will definitely warm you up.  If you are an outdoors person Scottsdale offers stunning dessert and mountain views, in addition to, beautiful parks and Native American reservations.  Scottsdale has the second-highest ranking schools on the Business Week list and the average household income is a cool $70,000 making it a great place to raise a family. Checkout these apartments for rent in Scottsdale, AZ.

San Diego, CA:

San Diego is known for having “perfect weather” year round which is why they have an enormous population of 1.3 million!  They have an almost unlimited amount of choices for restaurants and bars to suit any taste.  If you are a sports fan, San Diego offers 2 professional sports teams, so you’ll have plenty of local teams to root for.  With skiing to the north, and famous beaches all around, you’ll never run out of things to do in San Diego. Check out these apartments for rent in San Diego, CA.

Austin, TX:

Austin is a music and food town.  The South by Southwest music festival is held in Austin every year and is spread across stages, bars and restaurants all throughout the city.  The festival brings in big name acts, as well as, some amazing new artists waiting to be discovered.  It’s a very clean city with great architecture and a really cool history.  Austin is an artist’s dream town; so whether you are looking for inspiration, or simply want see what’s new in the art world, Austin is your perfect match. Check out these apartments for rent in Austin, TX.

For more information on which major city is best to live in, visit the ForRent.com Tips page.  Do the research and choose the city that best fits your personality.  They all have a character and flavor all their own.  Discover your perfect space in your perfect city, today!

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  1. Greenville, SC is a great place to live!
  2. Greenville! SC!
  3. Brenda Raymond says:
    Would LOVE to live in San Diego. Tried to but 6 trips cross country proved I’d never be able to. So disappointed ??
  4. alaxandria t. brown says:
    Arizona is awesome. It’s grown by leaps and bounds, but is still down to earth, yet sophisticated.
  5. Don’t move to Houston. It used to be a pretty decent city to live in, but over the years it’s lost some of it appeal. Don’t make the mistake of moving here just because it’s cheap to live. It used to be that way but not anymore. When factoring in the cost to get to and from work Houston actually becomes a costly city to live in. Floods more the ever it seems. Public schools here are not that great either. You pretty much have to send your kids to a private school for a good education. The traffic is brutal. The cost of housing has also gone up with so many people moving here over the years. Austin is my favorite city in Texas by a long shot.
  6. Greenville, SC is an amazing place to live!
  7. Eleanor Hart says:
    In what city is the picture of the high rise with great terrace and great city views on the home page of this article?

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