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Whether you own or rent your property, decorating your home is one of the most exciting parts of domestic life. Finding ways to express yourself through furnishings and home decor can help you create a living space that is perfect for and unique to you. And here at Modernize, we love helping homeowners and renters to make their design dreams comes true. That’s why keeping up with current trends across the industry is both useful and fun. Here are some of the hottest decor trends that will help us breathe new life into our homes in 2018.


One of the latest international home design trends to reach America is the Japanese aesthetic concept of Wabi-sabi. This concept comes from Buddhism, where the acceptance of transience and imperfection is a key facet of their world view. So how does it incorporate into interior design? If your house is less than pristine all the time, you’re in luck. Wabi-sabi homes are full of small cracks, wrinkles, and dents. This look can be easily achieved by showcasing family heirlooms, flea market finds, and other well-loved pieces across your home. Advocates of this concept believe that decorating with these kinds of “imperfect” pieces will make your home more authentic—and therefore a more comfortable and happier place to live.

Bold color schemes

If you normally follow design and decor headlines, you’ll know that popular color schemes change almost every season. Color professionals like Benjamin Moore and Pantone predict which color palettes will be on trend both seasonally and annually. For 2018, bold and bright colors are going to be in: Pantone’s Ultraviolet (an otherworldly purple) and Benjamin Moore’s Caliente (a spicy red) are definitely not neutrals. If this sounds like too big a change for your home, try taming any bright shades by contrasting them with calming whites. You can also add brass, rose gold, and copper accents for a less drastic color change that’s still on trend.

Artisan decor – handcrafted statement pieces

Over the past few years, many renters have stopped purchasing cheap, mass-produced decorative accessories in favor of handmade pieces. This handcrafting trend is set to really take off in 2018, with more buyers choosing one-of-a-kind pieces made by artisans from both their local communities and further afield. Craftsmanship and quality are ultimately at the center of this particular trend, but so, too, is an increasing eco-friendly priority.

1970s decor reimagined

Sleek, ultra-modern homes plastered the pages of design magazines just a few short years ago, but experts predict that 2018 will see the comeback of some groovy 1970s decor trends. Natural elements such as unfinished wood and sustainable materials will remain popular this year, but this concept is not new to the 21st century: many 70s homes were filled with similar, earth-loving elements as well. For an updated spin, mix these eco-friendly textiles with other plush materials—such as velvet—for an on-trend and super comfortable look.

Another 70s trend that is set to make a comeback this year is bold patterns. From florals for furnishings, walls, and exteriors to geometrics in kitchen and floor tiles (terrazzo is particularly popular this year), the 2018 home will be anything but boring. To take this pattern trend to the next level, choose agate-effect wallpaper for a daring and futuristic look. Take a look back in history at what trends have turned to fads in the past for future ideas.

Out with the old and in with the new: this New Year’s slogan is certainly true, since now is the perfect time to switch up your home decor for 2018. By brushing off those January blues and picking up a few design magazines, you can easily find some inspiration that will take you —and your home— through the rest of the winter into a bold and trendy year ahead.

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