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Atlanta is known for its warm weather, those delicious peaches, and most importantly —its history. You can’t wander down a random street without passing centuries-old architecture or walking over the site of a battle. With that in mind, imagine how great the museums are?  While you’re enjoying the culture, here are the top museums and historical sites you must see. Atlanta isn’t the same without them!

World of Coca-Cola

It’s been a long road since that first fizzy beverage to becoming a favorite soft drink across the world, and if you’ve ever been curious about the history that’s made such an impact on the modern era, then it’s worth visiting Atlanta for the World of Coca-Cola alone. This museum is a great learning opportunity, sure, and you’ll have more than enough trivia to impress your friends with, but more than that, the World of Coca-Cola is a dazzling sight to see. You can check out all the strange and fascinating kinds of advertisement the brand has tried out over the years, from the old time cars to the human-sized soda bottles, and take the VIP tour to get down to the fun details of Coca-Cola’s legacy.

Jimmy Carter Library & Museum

If you’re a history buff, want an educational site for the kids, or have always wanted to check out a presidential library first hand, then you can’t leave Atlanta without visiting the Jimmy Carter Library & Museum. The exhibits, put together with care, give you a glimpse into the presidential lifestyle and the life of former President Carter specifically. A fan favorite, one portion to visit is the replica of the Oval Office during Carter’s time, giving you a glimpse inside the White House and a time-capsule peek at the era. View the items Carter used every day as he ran the free world, or tour the grounds covered in beautiful, lush trees for a relaxing day with the family.

Margaret Mitchell House

If the rich history, the lush gowns, and the whirlwind romances captured your heart in Gone with the Wind, then how can any fan resist seeing where it was born? At Margaret Mitchell House, you can tour where the author lived during the writing of the book —and even the very desk she worked at. Walk along the old-south style porch or through the beautiful rooms to get a glimpse of the Atlanta Mitchell envisioned in her book, pick up trivia to impress your friends with, or pose for a picture in Scarlett’s outfit. No visit to Atlanta is complete without seeing the home of Gone with the Wind.

High Museum of Art

Some art museums leave something to be desired —but Atlanta’s High Museum of Art lives up to its name by delicately balancing the historical with the new age, and leaving out the boring. View Civil War-era teapots, strange seats sunken into whole logs, intriguing paintings, glasswork to make your head spin, and even some exotic outdoor art to make you look twice. This museum is about preserving history and aesthetic, but making sure you get something new from every visit.

Center for Civil and Human Rights

Slavery, war, and finally the fight for equal rights, Atlanta has been at the heart of huge changes to the U.S. and African Americans’ place in it. There’s nothing more touching and profound than learning the history where it was made, so a visit to the Center for Civil and Human Rights gives you a glimpse at the Civil Rights movement’s greatest contenders, the true struggle and impact felt in the movement, and the history you rarely find in textbooks. Insightful, beautiful, and moving, better understanding Atlanta will allow you to better understand America —making it a must-see!

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Okay, let’s be honest: dinosaurs. Every museum is made better with them —and Fernbank Museum of Natural History delivers! Check out the elaborate skeletons of carnivorous T-Rexes and plant-loving Stegosaurus’, peek in at the fossils of their young and the food they devoured, and get a load of the best attraction yet —a full sized, long-necked Brontosaurus! When you’ve had enough (though, who ever does), pop over to get a glimpse at human history, from ancient tools to elegant headdresses and more. Great for kids and adults, how could you pass up a less dangerous Jurassic Park opportunity?

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